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Our penultimate piece in our HUAWEI ecosystem series focuses on GBox which enables HUAWEI smart mobile device owners to run Andriod apps from the likes of Google (Google Maps, Google Earth, Google search, YouTube), Meta (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp), and Disney (Disney+) on their devices such as the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro.

Mobile applications which hadn’t worked previously (or had a lot of issues if it did manage to run, compromising the user experience) on HUAWEI devices, will now run and work as advertised through this app. These apps are now not only easy to download from AppGallery, but will work far better than the previous workarounds, and has the added benefit of being ad-free. Once installed, all these apps will appear on your phone’s home screen and function like any other app..

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Putting Google and co back at the centre of your mobile experience

The AppGallery (quick review), may have previously had issues when consumers tried to download certain apps onto HUAWEI devices. For example, apps like Microsoft Teams did not work seamlessly or sometimes did not work at all, but now the app `is technically advanced and comes with a refreshed user experience.

You are now able to download almost every available app from AppGallery, whether it is YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or Microsoft Teams, with all of these running smoothly, with equally good results for apps like Uber, which use in-app maps. This method works on all the recent HUAWEI smartphones, including the nova 10 Series, and P50 Series.

Now between HUAWEI Petal Search (paving the way to various APKs), HUAWEI AppGallery, and GBox, you should have all of your Andriod app concerns addressed, completing your mobile experience on your selected HUAWEI device.

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