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From space to sport: SA engineers redefine golf

The golfing industry, a $US13.4 billion market according to the 2019 World Golf Report, has undergone significant shifts in design thinking and player engagement. Golfing estates and institutions have been looking for intelligent technology platforms that enhance...

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Tax tips for SMEs

Taxpayer education and the cost of tax compliance remains a significant challenge for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), who in their early stages of business often survive month-to-month. With tax season currently underway, small businesses need to ensure they...

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Sightseeing in Johannesburg on an R250 Uber budget

Starting Point: Johannesburg City Hall Whether you’re heading in from the suburbs or live in the city centre,  Johannesburg City Hall is where our day starts. If you’re however day-outing on a Saturday, you could alternatively check out the Neighbourhoods Market...

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Cybersecurity is the glue that holds the many different components of the digital age together. Just imagine having your banking details or confidential business information splashed across a billboard.  That’s essentially what not having adequate cybersecurity...

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