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Protestors around Gauteng have caused havoc on the roads again. Roads have been closed and many motorists were forced to find alternate routes or cancel their trips and meetings all together. As we approach what is informally called ‘strike season’ in South Africa,...

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Using telematics to save on fuel

In the latest budget speech, as expected, it was announced fuel levies were to be increased. Once these levies were added to the normal petrol price hike, motorists had to fork out an additional R1.34c/L of petrol and 81c/L of diesel. A carbon tax will also be added...

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The risks and benefits in the race to hyperscale

Organisations are looking to move big data workloads to the cloud in increasing numbers. Andrew Cruise, Managing Director at Routed, Africa’s only vendor neutral cloud infrastructure provider, says the hyperscale trend is best explained within a broader push towards...

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FinTech gets SMEs financing in hours

Near-instant invoice financing is giving small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) a leg up by stripping away the hassle, time and challenges of securing traditional bank financing. FinTech company Bridgement’s first product to market has a record time of 2.5-hours...

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SEO what?

For small to medium sized business (SMB) owners, SEO – or search engine optimisation – is essential for building a successful online brand. Many SMBs ignore this low-cost digital marketing strategy, which helps raise a website’s ranking in online searches, this in...

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