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Budgeting adequately ahead of the new year

South African consumers have no doubt felt a hard knock in their pockets this year, with several petrol price hikes and ever-increasing living expenses. As consumers get ready to enjoy some time off with family and friends over the holiday period, it’s important to...

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MasterDrive’s driving playlist

Every person has their own way of improving their concentration in traffic and remaining unperturbed by dangerous or aggressive drivers. One of these may be music. While the kind of music that achieves this varies between people, there are a few genres and songs one...

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New Open Banking APIs tested

By Johan Kühn, Director at Digiata At Digiata, we pride ourselves on our curiosity and love of problem-solving, and our ability to embrace the new and unknown, so when Nedbank proactively released a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) in March 2019,...

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2020 Cybersecurity Predictions by KnowBe4 Leadership

KnowBe4 has compiled a list of its top 10 cybersecurity predictions for 2020 from its executive leadership team and array of security awareness advocates from around the world. The topics range from upcoming government legislation to security culture to specific...

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