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Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN C39 unveiled in Barcelona

The Formula One world championship team Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN unveiled its 2020 contender, the C39, before the start of winter testing in Barcelona. The reveal of the car completes the grid, with Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN being the final team to launch its livery...

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The KUV100 #DARE range is growing!

The KUV100 K6+ #DARE has joined its K2+ #DARE sibling and is now available at Mahindra dealers across South Africa. Mahindra first announced in January that it was growing the #DARE range, following the success of the K2+ #DARE and the successful inauguration of its...

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The intelligent mine: The real world in sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become many things in the mining industry. A canary that uses sensors to monitor underground air quality, a medic that monitors healthcare, a security guard that’s constantly on guard, and underground mobile vehicle control. It has...

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