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Great 5G runs on top of great 4G! So, who leads in 4G performance?

You cannot miss the excitement as the 5G race intensifies. And it is not just the operators who are so ambitious with their roll-out plans. It is also the 5G vendors who are battling to prove quality, performance, and speed as they deliver their 5G portfolio. As vendors make claims about their own network technology, it’s a good time to get an independent third party to tell us what is real.

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300 times Kimi

300. Few drivers in the history of Formula One have ever reached such heady heights in terms of race entries, and next weekend will mark this important milestone for our very own Kimi Räikkönen. Yes, he had to be told. “DRIVING IS THE ONLY THING I LIKE ABOUT F1”, the...

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Three trends reshaping Blockchain as we know it

By Riccardo Spagni, lead maintainer of crypto-currency Monero, one of the founders of SA-based blockchain protocol Tari and an outspoken pro-privacy advocate What’s hot in Blockchain Technology right now? It’s a question I get asked a lot. And people often think I’m...

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FinTech making funding accessible to SMEs

Data from SME South Africa’s 2018 report shows 33% of small to medium sized businesses are refused funding by large financial institutions. The struggle to gain finance and the high cost of professional service accounting often restrict SME growth. With collaborations...

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