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WeThinkCode_ proudly announces the appointment of Ayanda Mda as the Director of Campuses, marking a significant stride towards fostering continued inclusivity and addressing skills shortages in South Africa’s tech education landscape.

Ayanda, with a robust background in Human Resources and a keen understanding of the transformative potential for underserved youth, brings a dynamic perspective to her new role. WeThinkCode_ CEO, Nyari Samushonga, expressed confidence in Ayanda’s strategic impact, “Ayanda’s role will bring a new focused enthusiasm for our campus strategy. Enabling WeThinkCode_ to ensure that students feel a connected culture across all campuses while ensuring that operational efficiencies are in full force.”

In her pivotal role, Ayanda is poised to navigate operational intricacies across campuses, aiming to fully integrate herself, embrace unique campus challenges, and uphold a consistent student experience. However, her responsibilities extend beyond operations, with Ayanda envisioning herself as the custodian of students, overseeing their entire lifecycle from enrollment to graduation.

Mda states, “I am honoured to join the team, driving the greater ambition of the business forward, while fostering inclusivity among our students and empowering the next generation of tech talent. We have one goal in mind, to revolutionise tech education in South Africa,”

Ayanda’s appointment is more than a strategic move for WeThinkCode_; it’s a commitment to shaping a technologically advanced and inclusive future. In a landscape where technology and software skills are vital for progress, Ayanda’s dedication resonates with the urgent need for skilled individuals in the tech industry.

Before joining WeThinkCode_, Ayanda served as the Executive Manager of HR & IR at Lanseria International Airport, where she played a key role in strategizing, developing, and implementing culture, employee engagement, and organizational development initiatives.

With postgraduate qualifications in Labour Law, Psychology, and Industrial Relations, Ayanda brings a wealth of knowledge to her new position. As she assumes her role, Ayanda embraces a forward-looking perspective, aiming to evolve into a broader Chief Operating Officer position within WeThinkCode_. This strategic shift aligns seamlessly with her ambition to drive impactful change at the operational core and champion women in leadership roles within the organisation.

As WeThinkCode_ continues its mission to revolutionize tech education and empower the youth to shape the future of South Africa, Ayanda Mda’s appointment stands as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to excellence and inclusivity. The tech industry eagerly anticipates the positive impact of Ayanda’s leadership on shaping a brighter, more innovative future.

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