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Greg Salamousas, a professional esports player for Orlando Pirates football club, has unveiled his highly sought-after collection of tips and tricks on VS Gaming Weekly season 2 to dominate the popular football video game. With an impressive gaming track record and numerous accolades to his name, Salamousas is renowned for his exceptional gameplay skills and profound understanding of the game’s mechanics. 

Salamousas shares his top five tips and tricks for FIFA players looking to elevate their performance and achieve success on the virtual pitch: 

Master the Low Driven Shot: 

Executing a low driven shot involves lightly tapping the shoot button in the box, resulting in a ground-hugging shot that swiftly bypasses the goalkeeper. This technique is highly effective for scoring goals. 

Utilize the Trivela Cross:  

Introduced in FIFA 23, the Trivela Cross is performed by holding down the square and L2 buttons simultaneously. This cross is particularly advantageous during counterattacks, offering an excellent chance to set up goal-scoring opportunities. 

Master Player Switching:  

Player switching is a crucial mechanic to grasp. By simultaneously holding down L3 and R3, players can select and control an off-the-ball player, directing them to exploit open spaces. This strategic manoeuvre enables players to make precise passes and exploit gaps in the opposing team’s defence. 

Skill Chaining for Success:  

Create your own sequence of skill moves to execute consecutively. Salamousas recommends combining moves like the ball roll into a scoop turn, achieved by moving the R3 button left or right and immediately following it with a fake shot (pressing circle and then the X button). Skill chaining adds flair and unpredictability to your gameplay. 

Master the Art of Moving the Keeper:  

Take advantage of the ability to move your goalkeeper to enhance your defensive strategy. By firmly pressing down and moving the R3 analog stick in the desired direction, you can anticipate your opponent’s shooting angles and effectively close them down. 

Furthermore, Salamousas reveals a secret technique that has contributed to his personal success in FIFA tournaments – hitting the gym before important competitions. Prior to momentous tournaments, Salamousas established a routine of starting his day with a 06h00 workout. This pre-tournament exercise regimen proved invaluable, as it invigorated both his mind and body. The physical exertion heightened his focus, resulting in improved performance and heightened readiness for the mental challenges of FIFA competitions.  

As Salamousas continues to pursue his FIFA dreams, he remains committed to incorporating pre-tournament workouts as an integral part of his preparation, harnessing the benefits of a strong mind-body connection to unlock his full potential as a FIFA competitor. 

If you are looking for more tips and tricks on FIFA, you can easily catch-up on season 2 of VS Gaming Weekly on SABC plus. For more information on Telkom VS Gaming and its leagues, visit www.vsgaming.co.za 

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