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As the 2018-2019 season begins, the Jeep brand and Juventus celebrate a new record together: a season-opening run of nine victories, in all competitions. The record dating from 1930 was eight, but Juventus has already shown it can keep pushing back its limits, year after year. A characteristic it shares with the Jeep brand, Official Sponsor since the 2012-2013 season. With the logo on their chests, the team has achieved the thrilling Italian league and cup double an amazing four times in a row: a record that brings to mind 4WD power, in pure Jeep style. What’s more, the tally of consecutive league titles has now risen to seven, a number that has always been central to the Jeep brand history. As long ago as 1945, the CJ-2A, the first Jeep designed for civilian use, already displayed the seven-slot front grill, and over time this feature has become one of the brand’s most genuine, iconic symbols.

The occasion for celebrating this new record was the delivery of the fleet of Jeep SUVs which will accompany the team throughout a season that seems to offer exciting challenges both on Italian pitches and on the international stage. Similar challenges await the Jeep brand: in the last quarter, the brand’s sales in Italy grew by 55 percent compared to the same period last year, to the highest figure the brand has ever achieved in a single quarter. In Europe, August registrations grew by 158.1 percent compared to the same month in 2017 and the total growth in the first eight months was 78.5 percent versus the same period last year. So the Jeep brand is raring to go in its “championship” and, like Juventus, has strengthened its team with new players: the most award-winning SUV range of all time now features four new models – Wrangler, Compass, Renegade and Cherokee, all recently launched.

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