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Elevate your home entertainment game with SKYWORTH’s latest lineup of sleek and powerful soundbars, now available in South Africa. “These cutting-edge soundbars are designed to take your audio experience to new heights,” says SKYWORTH’s Senior Sales Manager, John Goosen.

Say goodbye to lacklustre TV sound and hello to a world of immersive audio with the brand’s four fantastic soundbars, each with its own set of features to suit your needs.

Superior sound quality

The soundbars are engineered to deliver crystal-clear sound that fills your room. Whether you’re watching your favourite movie or dancing to music in your living room, you’ll get an audio experience like never before.

Dolby Audio for an immersive experience

For those seeking the ultimate audio experience, the SS630, SS531, and SS586 come equipped with Dolby Audio technology. It’s like having your own mini movie theatre, bringing every scene to life with stunning clarity.

Seamless connectivity

Connectivity is a breeze with Bluetooth 5.0 support. You can effortlessly link your soundbar to other devices for a hassle-free setup. Plus, there are additional connection options like USB, AUX, optical, and HDMI ARC built right in.

Below, Goosen dives into the details of each SKYWORTH soundbar:

1. SKYWORTH SS888 2.2CH – Affordable Excellence

Priced at just R1,699, the SS888 offers incredible value. Its compact design and built-in subwoofers make it easy to move around, weighing only 4.1kg. With a total output of 300W, this soundbar is perfect for smaller entertainment areas that deserve big sound.

2. SKYWORTH SS630 2.1CH – Unbeatable Value

At R2,499, the SS630 comes with a wireless subwoofer and a powerful 480W maximum output. You can place the subwoofer and soundbar wherever you like, ensuring optimal audio no matter where you’re sitting. It’s a steal for the price.

3. SKYWORTH SS531 3.1CH – Power-Packed Sound

For R2,799, the SS531 strikes the perfect balance between affordability and audio power. With an extra bass speaker and an impressive 510W output, your living room transforms into a home theatre, delivering a cinematic experience.

4. SKYWORTH SS586 5.1CH – The Ultimate Audio Powerhouse

If you crave the best, the SS586 is your go-to option at R3,499. It boasts a powerful wireless subwoofer and a total of five speakers, including two wireless ones. With a whopping 630W of audio power, this soundbar provides a mind-blowing audio experience without compromising on style.

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