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If you are looking to get one of the new iPhones, you best keep your investment protected!  Body Glove has got you covered!

As the price of smart phones are going up and up, so is the need to protect them from drops and scratches. According to an article published on fin24, you can pay up to R14999 for a screen repair!  See the article here: https://bit.ly/2NxKisC

“In today’s world we cannot live without our phones for any period of time, dropping it and sending it for repairs should be a thing of the past with such a range of great Body Glove cases on the market.”, says Zev Cherniak from Gammatek SA.

The new iphones are stylish and sleek and you need to get a protective case that will not compromise on the look and feel of your new device.   Protect your device with a sleek and durable cover, with no bulk added.  Here are some great covers for your new iPhone XS; XS Max and iPhone XR that will do exactly that:

Body Glove Lux Credit Card

Like wearing them tight jeans?  With the Lux credit card case, you can leave your wallet behind and carry all you need with your phone. The case has duel credit card slots on its back that will keep your credit card, licence or any other card that you might need, on your phone. These covers have an executive leather finish and are available in black and light brown.

Body Glove Ice

If you like the look of your phone but want to get it protected, a clear case would obviously be your first choice, but not all clear cases offers protection for your device.  The Body Glove Ice case offers shock absorption technology in its raised bezel edges.  This technology ensures that your phone will be protected even though it is just a clear case. This case was drop tested 24 times from 122cm so you can be confident that your device will be protected.

Body Glove Silk

Introducing the new silk range from Body Glove.  The liquid silicone finish helps your device not to slip out of your hand and feels like silk! Need to protect your new iPhone but like it to stay slim and sleek?  The new Body Glove silk case will give you all of the protection while looking great!  With this new liquid silicone case, your phone won’t slip out of your hand, but if it does, it won’t be a problem.  “I love how this cover feels in your hand, once you feel this, you would have to get it” – Christiaan Louw from Body glove.

Body Glove Black

Stylish protection with a slim design offers the ultimate protection against accidental drops.  Add no bulk to your device but use it with confidence.  No need to worry about drops! The Black case has a non-slip design to help prevent accidental drops but if it does happen, no need to worry.  “this is one of the sleekest covers for most new hand-sets from Body Glove” – Zev Cherniak from Gammatek

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