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With a perceived global shortage of tech skills coupled with massive growth in demand for flexible tech contractors, the time is ripe for a game-changing recruitment solution. Enter One Degree, a disruptive digital hiring platform, which has officially launched and is now inviting SMEs and corporates to sign up and acquire licences. Engineered specifically for the modern gig economy, remote work, and radical flexibility trends, One Degree promises to transform how businesses connect with high-quality independent tech contractors, streamlining the recruitment process like never before. Gone are the days of bemoaning a lack of tech skills – One Degree seamlessly matches skilled tech contractors with savvy SMEs and corporate customers.

Today’s fast-paced global job market is putting organisations under additional pressure to source the right IT talent quickly and cost-effectively. Traditional recruitment approaches are too cost-prohibitive, resource-intensive, and imprecise – driving salaries to unsustainable levels.

A platform for the future of work

The One Degree platform allows SMEs and corporates to directly match with skilled independent tech contractors without the need for intermediaries. By creating direct connections, SMEs can significantly reduce the time, effort, and financial resources typically associated with the recruitment process.

Both corporates and SMEs have compelling reasons to join One Degree. Foremost among these is the promise of efficiency and precision. Gone are the days of sifting through countless CVs; One Degree’s cutting-edge algorithm ensures businesses swiftly find the right match for job vacancies.

Additionally, the platform stands as a cost-effective solution. By eliminating recruitment agency fees and significantly reducing the workload on HR teams, companies can realise substantial savings. In today’s gig economy, adaptability is crucial, and One Degree rises to the challenge by catering to temporary projects and remote work opportunities.

Moreover, by tapping into a vast global network of independent tech contractors, SMEs can truly expand their recruitment horizons and benefit from a diverse talent pool. Complementing all these advantages is One Degree’s user-friendly interface, designed for seamless navigation, guaranteeing HR teams and decision-makers a smooth and hassle-free experience.

“With over three decades of experience in the recruitment sector, we have built One Degree with a clear understanding of the challenges faced by today’s businesses – as well as recognition of the massive growth in demand for flexible tech contractors,” says Lindsay Cowan, CEO at One Degree. “We are focused on helping simplify and accelerate the recruitment process. For us, it is imperative to provide SMEs and corporates with access to the right IT talent, at the right time, and at the right cost. One Degree is not just a recruitment platform but champions radical flexibility in the modern job market.”

Corporates and SMEs interested in experiencing a recruitment revolution are invited to sign up and explore licensing opportunities with One Degree. By joining this innovative platform, businesses can position themselves at the forefront of digital recruitment, ready to harness the full potential of the gig economy.

To learn more, visit the One Degree Web site for additional information.

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