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There’s so much to think about when you’re launching or running your small business, but there’s no doubt that building an effective technology solution is key to its success.

However, technology evolves quickly – and chances are that you can’t keep track of what’s changed, simply because you’re focused on the business of, well, your business, and not on the solutions that could step your business up.

Ignite, a Cloud service provider with easy-to-use products and services customised for South African SMEs, busts some common myths to save you the time researching your next technology decisions.

Myth: My business doesn’t need to move to the Cloud – our current systems work just fine.

Busted: We are living in the era of Cloud computing, because Cloud applications can handle so much more than older systems. The Cloud makes use of networks that you can access any time, on any device, at any location, meaning that your business can continue uninterrupted no matter what happens. This means you’re no longer vulnerable because all your information is on one computer that can be stolen, or on one server that could be struck by lightning or blown by electricity surges.

Myth: My business is small, and none of the big ISPs will be interested in taking me on as a client.

Busted: There are ISPs to meet the needs of businesses of any size. For example, Ignite’s ecosystem of products and services contains everything a small business may need, enabling it to provide you with a comprehensive bundled solution. From super-fast fibre to a collaborative Office 365 solution, Ignite can provide the right cloud solution for your business. In addition to that, there are no long-term commitments or contracts and you can cancel or change your service at any time directly online, enabling you to choose a solution which can be altered as your business grows.

Myth: My business can’t afford to move to Cloud.

Busted: Cloud hosting solutions are economical because you don’t need to take on the extravagant expense of purchasing and maintaining a server. Many ISPs include support in their deal as well, meaning you can ask for help with a phone call or an email, if you ever need it. What’s more, using a virtual server means that your business can access the exact products, software, services and storage you need – and you can upscale or downsize them as your business needs evolve.

Myth: Cloud computing isn’t secure enough for my business.

Busted: Contrary to what some business owners still believe, Cloud computing –  when making use of a premium, trusted provider – is much more secure than managing data in-house. Providers usually have massive data centres that are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and software guarded by 24-hour security. They also have backups and generators to ensure that your data isn’t affected by any natural disaster, hacking or human error.

Myth: I’ve just bought enough data storage to last me for years.

Busted: As your small business grows, so too will your storage requirements. Increasing your onsite storage is expensive and requires a lot of guessing as it’s incredibly difficult to determine future data needs. With a Cloud hosting provider you can easily and quickly increase your required storage as well as add the new features and depth of data management as required. When signing with a Cloud hosting provider, you usually pay a monthly subscription that allows you to change or cancel your subscription without having to pay a costly penalty.

Myth: Different applications need different management systems, making cloud complicated.

Busted: Using Internet Solutions’ Skylight portal means you can set up and manage different workloads on different clouds, monitor performance, and view real time reports across all the cloud platforms you use – even those from other service providers. It’s completely possible to have one view of all your cloud services, making it much easier to control your entire virtual environment.

Whether you’re a bricks and mortar business, a service provider or an online start-up, operating in a rapidly changing technology world, there’s simply no time or space for complacency if you’re going to keep up with the pack – or even better, lead it. Making sure that you understand all that Cloud computing can do for you and your business is a great next step.

For more information on Ignite’s ICT solutions for SMEs, visit www.ignite.co.za or contact sales@ignite.co.za.

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