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Technology company, e4, has expanded its SearchWorks offering with four new search types, following increased demand from its client base. The new search types are relevant to attorneys, estate agents, mortgage originators and now also car dealerships through the inclusion of TransUnion vehicle reports.  Each of the four new search types will also be available on the SearchWorks mobile app with 24-hour live results enabling users to access the system on the go.

Shaun Viljoen, Academy Manager at e4 explains that the development of stronger and more responsive technology is directly tied to a customer-centric approach to continuous improvement: “Our client base is very active when it comes to new enhancement requests and ideas, and every request is noted and explored. This way we provide our clients with numerous customisable options rather than just one specific search type. The more options we provide, the more freedom our clients have in choosing the appropriate option which works for them,” he notes.

The introduction of the TransUnion Report search will enable users to make accurate decisions with up-to-date vehicle information while reducing the risk of fraud and crime by confirming motor vehicle identification details. Also new to SearchWorks is Trust Property History, designed to obtain all previous and current property information linked to a trust and relevant trustees, while SAPTG Valuation will provide detailed property valuations on erven, schemes, farms and streets.  In addition, the new Who Owns Whom search criteria delivers shareholding information associated to public companies, including details of individuals linked to a juristic entity or details of BEE certificates of a listed juristic entity.

Including its latest additions, SearchWorks now boasts 121 search types to enhance and improve processes and procedures while also allowing clients to comply with requisite legislation. “Rather than obtaining information manually at various data sources, all required search types applicable to property, companies, trusts, tracing and the like are bundled together in one portal. This provides our clients with a one stop shop where all required information can be obtained within seconds,” adds Viljoen.

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