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Samsung has announced that its latest premium line-up of QLED TVs are available in the country. According to the South Korean manufacturer, the new range’s advanced cutting-edge technology demonstrates innovation in picture quality, design and interactivity.

“These latest QLED TVs exhibit the continuous evolution of television, not only with regard to people’s entertainment, but also with aesthetics within the home. QLED TVs deliver true-to-life picture quality, smart features that facilitate access to today’s limitless content, as well as beautiful design that gives users the freedom to put the TV wherever their lifestyle demands. With QLED every seat is a great seat,” says Mike van Lier, Director: Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

The new flagship line of QLED TVs includes three series: the Q7, Q8 and Q9, which will be available in a combination of flat and curved models.

Samsung’s QLED range takes Quantum Dot technology to the next level with advancements in light efficiency, stability and a wider colour spectrum. In addition, it addresses all the major aspects of picture quality, including viewing angle, colour volume, brightness and bold contrast.

When it comes to colour, for example, the innovative metal Quantum dot technology ensures that Samsung’s QLED TVs are able to showcase 100% colour volume due to the metal Quantum Dot having greater light efficiency, along with a peak brightness of HDR 1,500-2,000 nits turning light into pure colour.

“By improving on all aspects of picture quality, extremely dark as well as extremely bright hues contrast with superiority and maintain colour at any viewing angle,” says van Lier. “

Not only are the TVs themselves sleeker and more pleasing to the eye, they also come with a transparent cable that allows all of the appliance’s connected devices to come together seamlessly, de-cluttering any room and ultimately removing unsightly and tangled cables. At the same time, the No Gap Wall-mount – which is available for all QLED TVs – allows consumers to place their TV flush against the wall, providing yet another way to reclaim their living space, including reduced TV installation time by 60 percent, with an easy 15-minute setup.

In addition Samsung’s Smart Hub has been expanded to offer an even more intuitive and unified experience, directly via the QLED TV. The enhanced Samsung One Remote Control now supports more devices and offers voice control capabilities across more Smart TV features. When paired with the latest Smart View App – available on Android or iOS mobile devices – users will be able to enjoy a personalised Smart Hub.

“I believe South African consumers are going to be really excited to have the opportunity to experience the QLED innovations that offer them a superior and immersive viewing experience like no other. Samsung’s new range of Smart TVs really does deliver the future of home entertainment,” concludes van Lier.

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