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Today’s rapid rate of advancement in mobile devices, tablets and household appliances has encouraged many tech innovators to produce products that meet the demand and supply needs of consumers and enterprises. Unfortunately not all these products are of a guaranteed the quality that can truly exceed user expectations. Samsung being renowned for its cutting edge products and technology continues to inspire people and help create the future through constant technological evolution.

Samsung has a strong ethos when it comes to innovation as demonstrated by the thirty-four Innovation Awards which Samsung received at CES 2017. Among the eminent wins are a Best of Innovation Award in the video display category, Samsung’s FelxWash + FlexDry were awarded an array of media accolades, including the Techlicious Best of CES award.

The cornerstone of such advances is primarily based on effective research and development (R&D).  Samsung’s commitment to advancing new technologies benefit consumers and business around the world and is apparent by the fact that globally, the organisation spends around $14 billion per year on R&D.

“As a market leader in design and innovation, it is our mission at Samsung to push the limits in order to help our consumers stay ahead of the curve. We do this by focusing on first-to-market technologies, designed to create new categories and influence the technology culture. Our world-class products have made us the market leader in many categories; we spot consumer trends early and react to these through innovation and we invest in both technology and people to future-proof our business,” says Michelle Potgieter, Director: Brand Marketing and Communications at Samsung South Africa.

Samsung has been the number one television manufacturer worldwide for the past 10 years, owing to the move from OLED technology which initially earned Samsung this position; the company has currently taken things to the next innovation in TV with their solely owned Quantum Dot technology. This represents the best achievement yet in image quality and viewing experience, thanks to increased brightness and better colour reproduction in its new range of QLED TVs.

“Research is key to Samsung and this is evident in all our products and services. We aim to create a troublesome free life for consumers and business while enabling them to be the best at what they do and offer,” adds Potgieter.

Smartphones, now connect people with their ecosystem of work life balance, enabling a seamless merge between these two aspects of their lives. Consumers are able to bond with loved ones and create memories and still keep up with work and business activities.

Similarly, Samsung not only leads the way in delivering the highest quality mobile and tablet cameras coupled to the simplest user interfaces, but provides world class security options for business users and consumers, such as the Knox defence grade security platform, which includes a range of biometric solutions found in the new Galaxy S8. Knox meets the highest technology security requirements meaning consumer and business data is always protected.

Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly maturing and is being enjoyed by an increasing number of consumers around the world. Whilst gaming still captivates many users, Samsung Gear VRs have been used across a wide range of industries, from providing medical students a safe and controlled environment to practice surgeries, to helping architects and realtors demonstrate what a finished property will look like.

“Samsung remains committed to be at the forefront of innovation, R&D and product design excellence. The company’s goal is to shape the world of tomorrow. In other words, we want to help people have new experiences and discover new possibilities every day,” concludes Potgieter.

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