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Global marketing technology company, Acceleration, has promoted Middle East and Africa managing director, Richard Mullins, to the role of managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa as part of its strategy to better align its resources and strategy across the globe. Mullins will lead knowledge and resource sharing across the wider region, especially for work on complex global accounts.

Says Mullins: “The globalisation of marketing technology and platforms presents exciting opportunities for us to drive scale and increase value throughout our business. We are looking to take innovations from Middle East and Africa to Europe, as well as to introduce best practices from Europe into Africa and the Middle East. This will enable us to deliver a more holistic solution to our clients, especially those that operate in multiple territories.”

Mullins adds that combining teams from Europe, Middle East and Africa will give clients access to a more varied set of skills and experience. “The customer experience has emerged as the most important business battlefield of the 21st century,” says Mullins. “Those brands that provide frictionless customer journeys across multiple territories, channels and touchpoints will be the big winners in the future.

“We have a global perspective on companies to enable transformation of their customer experience in a consistent and scalable manner. Mapping out customer journeys that deliver on the expectations of today’s consumer, Acceleration can help clients to orchestrate technology, data, processes and teams to solve today’s most urgent marketing technology challenges,” Mullins concludes.

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