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For laptop users, using a mouse is simply a lot more ergonomic than only making use of the touchpad, since the compact shape and wireless capability (up to 10m away) lets you work comfortably —at home, the office, or anywhere in between. Logitech’s M171 is an affordable and compact (97.7 x 61.5 x 35.2 mm; 70.5 g) wireless mouse that is designed to work and fit the needs of both right- and left-handed users.

Despite being placed at the more affordable part of the peripheral spectrum, the M171 mouse is built with the same high-quality standards that have made Logitech a leading OEM for mice and keyboards that are renowned for being durable and reliable. Moreover, it allows for a battery life (powered by a single AA battery) of a whopping 12 months (depending on usage patterns), thanks to amongst others the on/off switch button and auto-sleep power-saving mode.

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In addition, the M171 allows for easy navigation thanks to a controlled line-by-line scrolling and optical tracking (smooth operation thanks to its tracking DPI of 1000±). The optical sensor gives you smooth and accurate cursor control on most surfaces including wooden tables and plastic work desks, translating to more accurate mouse movements and fewer annoying missed clicks.

Logitech, mouse, Logitech M171, PC accessory, PC hardware, PC, computer, PC peripheral,

The three-button mouse (Left/Right-click, Middle click) comes in a range of colours including rose (pink) like our review unit, and can be had for a recommended retail price of between R200 and R230 at local retailers like Makro and Takelot. Definitely worth the investment in our opinion as it makes for quite an upgrade over a standard mouse, and is simply much more useful and practical than just relying on a trackpad.

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