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Hailing from its Aurora Collection, Logitech’s G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard is a gaming-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard that has been designed for comfort over the course of those extended PC gaming sessions.

It measures in at 370.6 x 157 x 37.2 mm and tips the PC accessory scales at 976 g, making it portable enough to move around as and when needed. This mechanical keyboard is great for gaming, but also provided a really nice typing experience (durable, textured key caps) for non-gaming contexts such as typing a Word document thanks to the reassuring, satisfying typing action. For extended typing sessions, users will appreciate that odd-looking but ergonomically comfortable cloud shaped palm rest to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

Beyond the mechanical keys, this gaming keyboard also sports Pro-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can be assured that your strokes will be translated on screen at FPS pace thanks to the reliability and low-latency that this tech provided. Further adding emphasis on the gaming accessory mature of this peripheral is the under-case 16 LED perimeter lighting, which is not only atmospheric for gaming sessions but multimedia consumption sessions such as a Netflix/Disney+ series or movie on Amazon Prime Video for instance. Here, the keyboard’s media keys that includes a volume roller also does a great job of enhancing the media consumption experience.

You can expect around 30 gaming-hours from the keyboard once you charge its built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery via USB-C. If you find yourself port-challenged when it comes to USB-C connections, Logitech throws in a USB-C to USB-A cable (1.8 m) in the retail box.

Unfortunately, all of these clever gaming features comes at a equally impressive pricetag. It goes for a pricey RRP of around R4600 from local retailers such as Takealot.

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