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Just in time for the chilly winter season (and surprising bouts of snow for unexpected places like Jozi), ASBIS makes the stylish and premium AENO premium eco-friendly smart heater locally available, bringing eco-friendly smart heating technology to South African homes.

Developed and produced in Europe, specifically Poland, this sturdily constructed heather uses convection which is based on infrared heating technology that allows it to heat objects and air, without drying it or blowing air around. This means it can be designed to be quite slim and consequently, AENO’s smart heater is made of premium materials including tempered glass and aluminum legs, making it appear quite fetching in either white or black, able to look in place in the most stylish bedroom or living room in even the trendiest homes ranging from Ballito and Umhlanga through to Sandton and Silverlakes. Assembly is fairly simple with minimal use of screws to either mount it on the wall or use the provided legs to enable the heater to stand in a room. It is easy to move thanks to a slender 11 mm thin frame and lightweight. Equally simple is setting it up using the AENO app (Android or iOS), which enables you to turn it on/off, opt between constant or smart heating and see the temperature of the room where it is placed.

With smart heating, you are able to select the ideal temperature you want the room to be at – bedroom for instance – by the time you get ready for bed. Additional smart features include the ability to schedule when (date and time) the smart heater must turn on and pre-heat a room – for example – if you normally get up at 07:00 each morning to get ready for the commute to work/do the school run, you can set the heater to start up at 06:00 to have the room nice and warm by the time your alarm goes off. This app also shows you how much power the heater is consuming currently and during its usage.

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Speaking of power consumption, the AENO smart heater’s use of an infrared heating panel translates to low power consumption – up to 700+ Watts, but also provides additional energy saving through smart functionality. For instance, once the room is heated to the desired designated temperature, the heater automatically switches off to avoid wasting electricity. The heater is suitable for heating an area of up to 30 square meters, meaning that it could be used in a flat, country house, office, café, restaurant, or hotel room.

Moreover, AENO’s heater works without air blowing and raising dust, while it doesn’t make pollutants, odors, and noise. An infrared electric heater AENO does not dry air and does not burn oxygen in the house, instead, it retains the current humidity balance in the room for the whole family’s well-being. The device is safe for children and animals. It is equipped with a child lock for your peace of mind even if the heater is placed in the children’s bedroom.

All in all, this stylish smart heater is the perfect tool to counter the chilly winter season in a smart, effective, and eco-friendly way. You can get it at a recommended retail price of R4999 from retailers like Makro and Takealot. Aeno heaters are available in the following Gauteng stores: @IT Stoneridge; @IT Lambton; @IT Parkmeadows, @Cherry on It in Rustenburg.

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