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Samsung’s SUHD TVs revolutionised the viewing experience, delivering fantastic brightness, contrast and High Dynamic Range (HDR) using Quantum Dot technology. The company’s 2017 line-up of QLED TVs once again strives for excellence and experience in picture quality.

“Utilising new Quantum Dot (QD) metals, Samsung’s QLED TVs offer outstanding colour volume, pinpoint colour accuracy, improved brightness and the deepest blacks on an active display. These attributes equate to a picture quality unlike any other,” says Michael van Lier, Director: Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

The Relationship Between Light and Colour

“Colour is determined by light,” he continues. “Consider rain, for example. Usually, it’s nothing more than water droplets falling from the sky. But, with the right amount and angle of sunlight, it can be transformed into a beautiful rainbow. Televisions, too, utilise light in a similar way to create colour.”

Lighting conditions can also affect the intensity and vibrancy of colour. The façade of a structure, for instance, appears differently at various stages of the day and times of the year. This is essentially the idea behind colour volume, a measurement that evaluates the way colours in the real world look when different levels of brightness are applied to them.

With better colour volume, the elevated brightness of QLED increases the vividness and maintains colour integrity which is an important factor when it comes to displays. QLED TVs are able to express a vast range of colour—from primary colours to achromatic colours, very vividly and accurately.

This is where many displays currently on the market fall short. When their brightness is increased, the colour is washed out and the resulting hues do not represent real world colours.

QLED: Transforming the Picture Experience

Samsung integrated a new Quantum Dot material into its QLED displays which improves luminous efficiency. “By achieving between 1 500 and 2 000 nits, more light is pushed through the Quantum Dots, thereby driving up the colour volume,” says van Lier. “The increase in brightness escalates the vividness of the picture without changing the colour. Therefore, scarlet remains scarlet instead of fading to pink and turquoise stays turquoise. This helps maximise the dynamic colours HDR technology brings.”

Offering the best colour volume on the market today, QLED offers 100 percent colour volume when measuring with a Red, Green and Blue (RGB) colour space without sacrificing light. The peak brightness represents the display’s maximum brightness level.

The new panel design reduces reflection that impacts brightness showing every bold detail with exceptional levels of contrast, regardless of the lighting condition or viewpoint. Best of all, QLED delivers this level of performance offering consistent colour and quality from any standpoint.

“QLED is the embodiment of all aspects of picture quality, enhanced colour, contrast and viewing angle. As a result this allows for a picture brilliance that is beautiful by any measure. In this way, Samsung’s QLED TVs mark the beginning of a new era of television picture performance,” van Lier concludes.

In related news, Samsung also recently stated that it aims to remain at the forefront of the technology revolution through continuous R&D.

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