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Q and A with Thomas Honiball, Head of Technical & Support, Soteria Online Backup

Why online backup?

Online & Cloud backups are scheduled and are automatic. This means that as long as your device is connected to the internet, the backup will be done automatically for you – one less thing for you to remember to do each day.

Laptops, computers and external hard-drives that you may use to backup your data can get lost/stolen or crash.

Theft is of real concern in South Africa. Laptops and computers are prime targets of criminals as they are very rarely recovered in this country. With your data stored in the cloud, at least you won’t have lost everything if you are a victim of common South African crime.

Data backed up to the cloud, will be available to you with a restore if you ever need it. If you are backing up to a removable device and this device gets lost, stolen, or crashes, then your data is lost.

What are the benefits of online backup, specifically for SMEs?

Online Backup is done automatically and offsite, therefore requiring little time and less management.
Once your backup is set up, your backup can run automatically on a daily basis.

If you’re backing up to an external device manually and you have a busy week, it’s easy to overlook a backup and let’s face it, as luck usually has it, that will be the week that your computer breaks down or ransomware encrypts all your files.

Online backup is better than backups on-site at the office or tape backups, as this alleviates the nightly tape backup that you then have to transfer and store elsewhere.

Many small businesses don’t expect losing their data through damaged hard-drives, theft, ransomware and cybercrime, fires or flooding, so online backup is the answer.

You don’t have to spend lots of money initially on hardware or software. You can pay monthly which makes online backup more affordable and accessible to SMEs

Why is online backup better than local backup?

Backing up to an HDD/NAS/tape drive is vulnerable to hardware failure, and if not stored offsite, will be vulnerable to the same DR risks .

Data backed up in the cloud, will be available to you with a restore if you ever need  your data. If you are backing up to a removable device and this device gets lost or stolen, then it’s gone.

Information stored to a hard-drive can be password protected but that’s not 100% safe. Online backup offers the extra security of 256 bit data encryption and 24/7 monitoring for potential breach or risk.

Online backup is a budgeted cost and cheaper than buying hard-drives. Chances are that you will run out of hard-drive space eventually. The external hard-drives have a limited lifespan which means that you will spend more money on buying new ones. In the long run, backups offer a much more affordable way to store your data.

When your backups are stored in the cloud there’s no way of losing your data due to malfunction or damage. Hard-drives aren’t fail proof. You might take the time to religiously backup your data. only to find that your hard-drive gives up a few years down the line. And while data can sometimes be recovered from these devices, this is quite costly and no guarantee of success.

What type of data should SMEs exactly be backing up?

This can range from your usual work documents on each persons PC, for example, office and PDF documents, to shared storage, to database/email servers/nas devices.

We have a solution for everyone at Soteria Cloud, whether it be a Laptop, Desktop, or Server you are wanting to backup.

How does a business go about restoring a backed up file via your service offering?

You have two options:

  • We can ship you the restore on a drive if the size is too large to download,
  • or we can restore to your machine if you contact one of our Support Technicians on:
    087 943 2288 or support@soteriabackup.com.

Is It safe to send & store your SME’s private data on the internet?

Yes, your data is encrypted with a client side encryption password, not stored on our servers, so secure as long as you keep the password. We use 256 bit AES client side encryption, so even if the transport is intercepted, the data is useless without the key.

Do online backup services limit file formats or sizes?

There is no limitation on file size or file types, and no shaping of traffic in any way.

Is there any possibility that someone at your company could view my backed up files?

No, when you setup your backup, be sure to choose an encryption password. We have no access to your password unless provided. Keep this password safe, as if you ever need to restore your backup you will need this to get your data back. We don’t store your passwords for security reasons.

Why should an SME opt for Soteria for its online backup needs?

Offsite & Online Backups:

Your data is transferred online and available to you if you ever need a restore incase of disaster.

Initial Seeding/Restores:

With a locally based backup service provider such as Soteria Cloud, you have the option of initial seeding, whereby the first backup is run to a HDD and shipped to us, bypassing the need for a huge initial upload. The same applies to large restores, which if you were based with an overseas backup company without a local presence, could mean waiting weeks for your data to download in the case of a disaster recovery scenario.

Local Support:

Soteria Cloud is local, ie we are South Africa based, which means if you ever need support we are a phone call away and in the same timezone. Soteria offers Telephonic as well as email and TeamViewer support.

No contracts:

There is no long term contract required, everything is month to month. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account, at any time, without any penalties.

Data Encryption:

Your data is securely encrypted before it is transmitted to the server, ensuring that your data is completely safe from all access to any tampering! You get to choose the encryption password and we never store it, so without this password your data is unreadable to anyone else. It is however, of vital importance that you keep your password in a safe place.

Fully Automated:

Just install, set & forget. All backups run seamlessly in the background, every day, without you doing anything. Reports will be emailed to your registered address so you know everything is working fine.

Note: Free remote installation/configuration/test restores are available from the support department.

Please find out more about our Online Backup service here at http://www.soteriacloud.co.za/ and contact us for your online backup needs.

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