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Playbook, a web platform that solves the procurement process, is a first of its kind tool that looks at making sure South African creatives and artists “play by the book” and have a smooth process when it comes to their bookings. Launched in August 2017, Playbook is already making its presence felt in-and-around the country with the likes of photographers, graphic designers, makeup artists, solo performers, bands, dancers- as well as well-known SA personalities- joining the portfolio already.

Playbook ensures a fast, reliable and clear communication between both the artist and the booking agent to ensure that both parties enjoy a seamless and successful business relationship.

“We have the likes of popular house DJ Euphonik, comedian Trevor Gumbi, Goodluck and actress Kriya Gangiah, who have signed up and become part of the Playbook family. This is only the start and the results have shown that the intensive 2 years we spent researching and perfecting the product is really paying off,” commented Playbook founder Rudi Pienaar.

From September, Playbook will be in and around South Africa educating people young creatives about this great offer that gives them a chance to showcase their skills to potential booking agents. Playbook will be activating at a campus near you – starting in Durban on Wednesday 6 September. 3 cities, prizes galore- what’s not to love?

Follow Playbook on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out when Playbook will be at your nearest campus or follow the hashtag #JoinPlaybook to join in the conversation and spread the word.

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