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Summer is finally upon us and what better way to celebrate the new season than with bringing some bright colours into your garden with Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint and repainting your garden pots or even garden chairs.

As our flowers and grass take some time growing, you can add splashes of colour to your garden while you wait and give all your old or new garden pots and garden chairs a fresh coat of chalk finish paint. This is not just a process where you apply the paint, as you don’t want your pots and garden chairs to lose their beautiful colour when they are standing in the rain or sunshine.

Granny B’s steps to painting your garden pots and garden chairs with their chalk finish paint:

Step 1 – Cleaning: Clean the pot or chair to remove dirt and allow it to dry thoroughly.
Step 2 – Painting: Apply a coat of chalk finish paint and leave to dry. Apply a second coat if you feel the first coat did not cover it properly.
Step 3 – Sealing: Allow the final coat of paint to cure for at least 8 hours and then seal with our Amour, which is available in Matt or Gloss. Paint 3 coats and allow for 1 hour between coats so the paint dries properly. Only 72 hours and your project is complete.

Get your children involved with this garden project and have some family fun together. This is a very easy way to get everyone outside and outdoors too! Some of Granny B’s chalk finish paint that would be perfect Summer colours include – Daffodil, Sweet Sylvia, Celtic Mist and General Lee. Visit www.grannyb.co.za to see the various colours available for your next project.

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