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Opera News, Africa’s number one news app, has been updated with exciting new features that allow football fans to stay ahead of the World Cup 2018 in real time. Fans will now be able to follow their favourite teams live from the convenience of their smartphones. Among the special features are live scores, updates and kickoff reminders for every match.

“The World Cup happens only every four years and at Opera, we are as hyped about it as hundreds of millions of football fans around the world,” said Jørgen Arnesen, Global Head of Marketing and Distribution at Opera. “We decided to update our app to give our users a totally new football experience at their fingertips, so they can find all the information they need in one app.”

Never miss a game

Opera News makes it easy for users to keep their eye on the ball for all 64 World Cup matches with the newly-installed “Live” button. This will include a table with real-time scores for every game, right from the group and knockout stages. In addition, kickoff reminders have been enabled for every match, so fans will always be present for every kickoff. These reminders are shown in the app via push notifications and can be personalised based on a user’s favourite teams.

Follow your favourite teams                           

The “Follow” button allows users to add their favourite teams to the tab at the top of the screen. This tab will display the latest news about the selected teams, as well as scores and fixtures for all 32 teams, meaning die-hard fans will not have to miss a single moment.

Shake your phone to win!

In celebration of the World Cup 2018, Opera News has partnered with Zando, the largest online store in South Africa, to give away exciting prizes. Football fans will stand a chance to win vouchers that can be exchanged for clothing, accessories and homeware.

That’s not all! Every Opera News user has a unique chance to win one of the three vouchers that can be exchanged for a Renault Kwid just by shaking their phones during World Cup matches!

“Opera News is without a doubt the favourite news app in the Zando office already. We are excited to team up with the shake-and-win campaign, and to give away more than R17m Zando vouchers and three brand new cars!” Sascha Breuss, Zando CEO.

Available for download

Opera News is available for download from Google Play in 16 languages.

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