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Offlimit Communications (OLC) has had a whirlwind first half of the year, moving exponentially from strength to strength in just a matter of months.

Known for out of the box, innovative experiential executions, the full service agency has continually pushed the envelope in the space of technology and innovation.

The once distant line between social media and the real world no longer exists and the seamless integration of what happens in real life and how it lives online has moved from nice-to-have to non negotiable- particularly in the experiential and eventing arena. The OLCaptura, which encourages meaningful social media sharing around brands, leveraging the reach of the hashtag and encouraging brands to trend, has been an iconic asset of the agency since early 2016.

This week the OLC introduces the latest innovation, the OLCaptura 360, which provides 360 degree images, taking the photo experience to a whole new level. The technology revolves any video camera in a 360 degree view around a central stationary platform. The result of this is a seamless best described as the legendary Matrix bullet time effect.

“We are in the business of living in the next, which means we are constantly on the look out for ways to make our events more memorable and impactful. Photobooths have had their success but this technological innovation really pushes us to the next realm of interactive experiential,” commented OLC Managing Director Jerome Cohen.

OLCaptura 360 slow mo

The OLCaptura is available for hire at www.offlimit.co.za or you can dial Garreth on 0762034665.

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