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Pioneer Gulf FZE, a leader in aftermarket car audio, has announced three new multimedia receivers. The double- DIN7″ LCD AVH-Z5050BT, double-DIN 6.2″ LCD AVH-Z2050BT and single-DIN 7″ LCD AVH-Z7050BT were unveiled in an exclusive soiree held at upmarket hotspot Rocket’s Bryanston in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The double-DIN 7″ LCD AVH-Z5050BT and double-DIN 6.2″ LCD AVH-Z2050BT models are designed to complement today’s smartphone lifestyle- with continuous connectivity and access to a variety of entertainment options. The AVH-Z7050BT expands the line-up into the smaller, more universal single-DIN in-dash receiver size, providing- for the first time- a smartphone connectivity solution that easily fits into many older and collectible cars coveted by automotive enthusiasts.

The units feature a redesigned, simple-to-use interface and compatibility with popular automotive specific smartphone interfaces and apps such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Waze, plus entertainment options such as Bluetooth music streaming and hands-free calling. For 2017, the new AVH-Z models have been engineered with an optimized PCB layout for audio signal integrity and a number of audiophile-grade components to deliver a premium audio listening experience.

“The world is more connected than ever. Together with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile internet across South Africa, local drivers are expecting better seamless connectivity from their in-car infotainment systems,” said Reginald Sequeira, Senior Manager of Product Planning & Marketing Department, Pioneer Gulf FZE. “The new AVH-Z Series multimedia receivers were developed to meet consumers’ evolving expectations of easier smartphone connectivity and superior audio/video performance. With that in mind, we have focused on both hardware and software upgrades to offer a complete and improved user experience.”

The following features are new in Pioneer’s 2017 multimedia receivers:

Premium smartphone connectivity for the masses

More car owners can now enjoy one of the most comprehensive smartphone connectivity options available. All Bluetooth-ready AVH-Z Series multimedia receivers can simultaneously connect up to five Bluetooth devices for family entertainment. Additionally, users can browse their media library with upgraded Bluetooth AVRCP 1.6 capability. Above all, the entire range allows drivers to enjoy a premium selection of mobile applications (apps), by simply connecting their smartphone to the head unit.

Easy connection and operation – Just plug and play

Drivers can now enjoy a more seamless user experience. Connecting a smartphone to any one of the 2017 multimedia receivers is now a plug-and-play affair, with the head unit automatically detecting and retrieving the available content from the phone.

Superior in-car video entertainment

Pioneer is upping the ante by delivering a more cinematic entertainment experience for discerning movie lovers. The plug-and-play convenience extends to video playback, thanks to new full-HD (1080p) support for popular video file formats like MKV and NTFS, giving users the flexibility to play clips that are larger than 4GB direct from portable hard disks.

Engineered for premium sound quality

To elevate the overall sound quality of these receivers, Pioneer has made refinements ‘under the hood’ with technologies and expertise from its TAD professional audio division. This includes a newly developed circuit board, which eliminates external interference to enhance audio signal integrity. Performance is further improved by leveraging premium audiophile-grade components for maximum listening pleasure. All models are professionally tuned by Pioneer’s sound engineers, in addition to the following audio-enhancement functions like 13-band graphic equaliser, Auto Equalizer, Auto Time Alignment, Advanced Sound Retriever  and 192kHz/24-bit FLAC file playback.

Clearer hands-free voice calls can now also be achieved as a result of the implementation of wide-band speech support for Bluetooth-enabled models.

The new Pioneer AVH-Z Series multimedia media receivers are now available at all major car audio retailers and installers in South Africa.

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