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Mint Mobile, South Africa’s leading mobile hardware company has rebranded to Mint Connect.

The rebrand reflects the company’s growing maturity and its evolution from a mobile device manufacturer to a fully-fledged technology company. Moreover, it reflects the company’s aim to be the locus of connection in its customers’ lives.

Mint Connect understands that a mobile device can only enable the connections people desire – with family and friends, as well as the wider global community — if they are empowered to make those connections.

“We want to ignite Africa’s potential and show the world what she’s made of, by encouraging creation, curating conversations and igniting curiosity throughout the continent,” says Mint Connect CEO Sagran Pillay. In doing so, we will inspire the people of Africa to re-imagine their continent and their own destinies.

On the device front, Mint Connect has delivered from day one, providing high-quality, reliable devices at reasonable price points.
As Mint Connect expands its offering into other areas of technology, it will follow the same values and principles which have guided its success in the South African mobile market.

As well as a new name, the rebrand comes with a new positioning: Africa. Reimagined. The statement aims to illustrate Mint Connect’s desire to ignite Africa’s potential and show the world what she’s made of, by becoming the leading technology company in Africa.

The new payoff line – Create. Relate. Ignite – further reflects the company’s goal of using technology to empower ordinary Africans to do extraordinary things.

With Mint Connect, the idea is that you can: Create your own reality, relate to those around you, and Ignite your curiosity to connect with the world.

Bringing the new name, positioning, and payoff line together is a new logo which speaks to connectivity, newness, optimism, and relating through communication.

“As a company, we’ve come a long way since our launch in 2014,” says Pillay. “Every element of this rebrand speaks to that evolution as well as where we’re hoping to go as a company in the future”.

Mint Connect’s rebrand was conceived in partnership with CUB3D Consulting, a specialist integrated brand marketing consultancy operating out of Johannesburg.

“Mint Connect is the kind of client we love working with,” says CUB3D’s Managing Director and Founder, Nana Nkosi. “It’s an incredibly ambitious and energetic company. Importantly, its philosophy of providing high quality technology experiences to ordinary people is reflected in its business practices”.

“This authenticity and the company’s unbending sense of where it wants to go in the future shone through from the first meeting and throughout the entire process,” she added.

Mint Connect’s rebrand will be supported by a comprehensive through-the-line campaign, carefully curated to properly tell the company’s story and help people across the continent understand its continuing evolution. Driving the Public Relations for Mint Connect is communications company Total Exposure.

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