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In a strategic move to disrupt mobile solutions for the SME sector, Melon Mobile is proud to unveil its latest product offering – Melon Business – designed intentionally for the ever-changing needs of both new and established businesses operating in South Africa.  

This launch comes just six months after Melon Mobile’s ground-breaking entrance into the consumer market, which saw the brand redefining the mobile experience with its customer-centric approach. Most business owners are often faced with the challenges of not being able to efficiently manage their staff’s mobile usage but with Melon Business SMMEs can now experience a fully digital journey with customisable monthly plans they can change as their business changes, the option of a free physical SIM or free eSIM, Data & Voice that never expire, a simple RICA process, same-day porting and a dedicated help team. 

The launch of Melon Business coincides with the South Africa Future Trust (SAFT) Summit – a champion for small businesses in SA, focusing on accelerating growth and job creation in the small, medium and micro-enterprise business. SA Future Trust is a philanthropic initiative founded by South Africa’s Oppenheimer family.  

Melon Business offers unparalleled control, flexibility, and customisation to empower business connectivity. Calvin Collett, CEO of Melon Mobile, articulates the vision behind this expansion: “From the outset, our goal was to create a business-focused platform from Melon. We looked at every aspect of how mobile connectivity could benefit a business and focused on simplifying the process for business owners, operations managers, and systems administrators. By applying the insights and knowledge gained from our consumer offerings, we have adapted those strengths to meet the specific demands of business users.” 

Added Advantages of Melon Business: 

·         Bulk Onboarding: A streamlined process enabling businesses to effortlessly register and integrate users. 

·         Multi-SIM Management: Centralised management for multiple SIM cards on one account.  

·         Competitive Pricing: Customised Monthly Plans or a Pay As You Go option cater to varying business needs and budgets. 

·         Customisation and Control: Enhanced ability to modify plans, update user profiles, monitor usage, and maintain administrative control. 

Marius Van Rensburg, COO of Melon Mobile, further emphasizes the benefits: “Melon Business extends the innovation and flexibility that Melon Mobile’s individual customers enjoy to the business sector. We provide a cost-effective, manageable, and dependable mobile service that aligns with the unique mobile and connectivity demands of any business.” 

For additional details on Melon Business and to discover how it can transform your business mobile usage, please visit www.melonbusiness.co.za 

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