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Soweto-born performance artist, designer, musician and muse – Manthe Ribane – unveiled the latest Nike innovation, designed specifically for women at a meeting of creative and artistic minds at Nirox Sculpture Park on Saturday, 19 May.

The South African style award winner and original member of the city’s first run crew, teamed up with the performance brand to reveal the new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 in an imaginative running experience.

“Running is not just about the distance. As a city, it is important that we keep moving and pushing ourselves to break barriers. We are challenging the norms of running by combining the essence of running with new experiences that test our body, mind and soul. Challenges that not only make us run, but fly too,” said Simidele Adeagbo, Running Brand Manager at Nike.

Through the lens of powerful and dynamic South African women, Manthe combined the power of the mind, body and soul into a visual performance that included live mannequins that brought the concept of “She flies” to life, followed by an experiential run through the park.

“Flight and movement is part of our natural rhythm and my performance was intended to evoke a sense of freedom. This experience elevated and challenged our view on movement – how we move and why we move,” says Ribane.

The experience brought together some of South Africa’s biggest game-changers including visual artist, Lady Skollie, dancer, Taryn Alberts, as well as young minds from Blackboard Africa. Speaking at a roundtable discussion following the run, Manthe and her guests explored the creative arts and the challenges facing women in South Africa.

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About the Pegasus
Nike introduced the Pegasus in 1983 and was intended to be the shoe for every runner. It was designed to be half air to represent movement, quickness and the allure of flying. In its 35 years of life, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus has undergone major technology shifts and supported training efforts of countless everyday runners and some of the world’s best distance runners.

The new shape offers responsive cushioning that improves transition and flexibility. The women’s silhouette now also features a slightly softer cushion foam specifically tuned for the female foot.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is available on Nike.com and will be available in selected stores on May, 31.

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