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By Daniel Lotter, Itec Managed Business Services (MBS)

Your business exists for good reason, unique to the value you offer the market. The effort of your sweat and tears have noble goals, such as becoming the market leader, servicing happy customers and delivering on your promises. Yet whatever it is that you set out to accomplish, chances are running computer services were not among them.

Yet this is what companies seem to be doing. An inordinate amount of time and resources are being spent on keeping technology operations going. In some cases, 80 percent of IT budgets and efforts go toward simply keeping things on the rails.

This makes no sense. Technology is not your domain. Do you really care why an mail server is not responding or the telephone exchange is not working? Of course not – you have the priorities of your business to think of. Yet, if that server or exchange goes down, everything else also gets stuck in the mud. You can’t afford NOT to pay attention to your IT, just as you can’t neglect to pay the electricity bill.

If only it was that easy: pay a bill and expect your technology to be there waiting for you.

The answer is Managed Business Services. This concept is very straightforward: instead of wrestling with your IT, an operational expert provider such as ITEC and its partners manage matters for you. As the customer, you simply stipulate the service levels you expect and ITEC ensures that those are met.

Managed Business Services (MBS) is a no-brainer as far as ROI is concerned, because MBS addresses pain points, not products. It’s is a particular advantage for your own technologists, who can now focus on innovations that will drive the business, not simply keep it out of the stone age. Through MBS you gain access to top skills, but only for what you need. Because ITEC can pool its IT resources, you benefit from economies of scale.

MBS helps you to weigh what really matters in your technology, what you want to own and what you can make someone else’s problem. Is your email better off as a cloud service? Should your backup system be faster and more reliable? Are your company assets and IPs safe from cyber criminals? You decide and we deliver.

Once the operational yoke is off your and your staff’s shoulders, it is easier to focus on what your business can gain with technology and innovate for tomorrow. You can start pondering the potential of new technology such as Mobility, the Cloud, the Internet of Things and other transformational innovations that can truly elevate your business to a new level.

You didn’t get into business to wonder why your car is not starting. Nor did you do so to lie awake about that flashing light on your server.

Get back to business and leave the drudge work – the telephony, security, content management,even making your CRM or ERP work properly – to the MBS professionals.

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