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LG Electronics will showcase its advanced B2B cloud device line-up that features a wide variety of business solutions at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam Feb. 6-9. The electronics giant’s latest cloud devices and business monitor solutions come in a range of form factors with advanced performance and portability to offer optimized cloud services for any vertical or business environment. A quick visit to LG’s ISE booth will evoke surprise at the added value and higher efficiency such devices can deliver to users all over the world.

The main attractions of LG’s business monitors are four cloud devices highly useful in a wide variety of industries, including finance, education and hospital. First, the LG 38CK900G is an all-in-one cloud device equipped with a WQHD+ curved display, its curved IPS panel has a clear 3840 x 1600 resolution with a. Thanks to its ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, the 38CK900G gives users ample screen space to allow multitasking. In addition, the 38CK900G is optimized for a broad range of business environments because of its low power consumption, fan-less design and compatibility with virtualization programs connectable to VM (Virtual Machine) on remote servers such as VMware View, Citrix Receiver and Microsoft Remote Desktop. Furthermore, users can take advantage of popular connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB ports. Most importantly, the LG 38CK900G is a secure cloud device whose previous iterations have been widely used in finance for many years.

Another star in LG’s line-up is the 24CK550W, an all-in-one cloud device with a slightly smaller form factor and screen resolution. Outfitted with an IPS panel of 1920 x 1080 resolution, this model delivers advanced performance ideal for cloud-based systems used in small to mid-size businesses and the healthcare sectors. Next to the 24CK550W is LG’s new box-type device CK500W, which sports a compact design and higher processing power to simultaneously support 4K and 2K displays.

Rounding out LG’s another cloud device line-up is the 14Z980, which is based on the company’s award-winning series of ultra-portable laptops. This gem delivers a lightweight form factor by weighing under than 1 kilogram, while equipped with Intel Celeron 3965U (Kabylake) and access to a variety of cloud systems. Furthermore, the all-day battery is highly useful and convenient for business and finance professionals, complementing the 14Z980’s unique durability and high performance. All these devices illustrate LG’s goal to provide the finest cloud devices for each industry vertical by differentiating its line-up with features most demanded by users.

“We’re very proud to introduce our latest and practical cloud devices at ISE 2018,” said Mr CY Kim, Managing Director of the LG Electronics South Africa. “We’re supremely confident that our innovative cloud devices can provide the best and optimal cloud-based services to help our consumers grow and succeed in their respective businesses.”

Also, on display at LG’s ISE booth will be monitors that support Thunderbolt-3 geared for those working in creative studios, which demands the latest interfaces, in addition to a range of medical imaging devices. To show the tangible benefits LG cloud devices can deliver to each field, the booth will contain examples of wide range of business spaces to effectively demonstrate how LG’s products can be best utilized.

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