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Unemployment in South Africa is a serious problem, as well as lack of access to higher education. This means that many of the country’s youth, although willing, simply can’t get a foot in the employment door. Without hope, unemployed youth are in a precarious position, but bold initiatives like the Samsung Boys to Men Project gives youth a fighting chance at a brighter adult future.

The project accepts males aged between 25 and 33 years on a six-month programme which offers technical up skilling through theoretical and on the job training. Once graduated, they are guaranteed employment at Samsung South Africa or at an affiliate partner and can go on to become responsible contributing members of society.

Director of Services at Samsung South Africa, Richard Chetty says, “Samsung takes its social responsibilities seriously and as such we wanted to ensure that more young men spend their youth in meaningful pursuits, providing for their families and contributing towards the upliftment of their immediate communities. By giving them something to do, we’re effectively taking them off the streets where they could be exposed to various issues that perpetuate social degradation.”

The programme is part of the leading consumer electronics brand’s responsible citizenship campaign to support communities around the world through propelling the growth and sustainability of regional economies. The youth is key to achieving this mandate and by providing them with employment opportunities, vocational training as well as regional infrastructure; Samsung can impact positive behaviour change and instil values for the betterment of society.

“By addressing the social and economic challenges in communities through social crime prevention approaches, young men now have a hope for the future. Samsung South Africa is encouraged that young men with matric now have a positive and viable alternative and will move forward to be highly positive influencers in their communities,” concludes Chetty.

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