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Software as a Service company, e4, has been nominated for an African FinTech award. Featured in the innovative banking category, e4 is being recognised for its disruptive banking solution, Virtual Identity, which digitally enables the FICA process for accountable institutions.

Chief operations officer, Simon Slater, says the acknowledgement comes at a time when disruption is not only key, but critical to business success and survival: “In the rapidly evolving digital age, innovative financial services are critical to the development and growth of the financial service industry.”

Slater says e4 is proud of its locally developed FinTech solution, Virtual Identity’s, nomination: “It takes the pain out of the FICA process for clients and institutions and takes, what could be hours of administration, down to a few minutes for completion. The best is it is all virtual and the client can complete the FICA process from home if they choose too.”

Virtual Identity is accessible over the Web or through an App (Android & iOS) and enables a client to interact with an institution over a video conferencing link, facilitating a face-to-face discussion. Clients can supply evidence of identity and proof of address by taking photos of the original documents and submitting them to the agent for review and approval. Institutions obtain all required documentation and have full audit records of the process and they can fulfil all their obligations without a physical meeting.

To vote for e4 in the innovative banking category visit FinTech Africa.

Find out more about the African FinTech Awards & Conference October 12 & 13 in Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg. The African FinTech Awards is part of the Finance Indaba, the largest Finance event on the continent.

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