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Organisations across the African continent are increasingly looking at adopting Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enable their digital transformation. Markets are rapidly evolving because of emerging technologies and so too must brands if they want to remain relevant and fresh. SqwidNet has announced the launch of its new brand, aligning itself with the dynamic environment the company operates in.

“I am very excited to announce the launch of our new brand,” says Phathizwe Malinga, acting CEO of SqwidNet. “As a technology solutions and network provider at the edge of innovation, we realised that it was time to refresh our brand and align ourselves with the fast-changing and exciting environment we operate in.”

With a fresh leadership team, comes a fresh approach to business and he says SqwidNet is embarking on an exciting journey to truly bring IoT to life in Africa. “As the aggregator of the Internet of Things, we have aggressively grown our partner ecosystem to ensure that we can provide organisations more than just a roadmap to IoT. We are able to advise them on the best possible solutions to meet specific business challenges and by bringing the right members of the ecosystem together, can deliver on solutions that help them overcome those issues while driving real business value,” says Malinga.

The Sigfox network already covers 83% of South Africa and he has his eyes set on future growth through continued strategic partnerships. “We will continue growing our partner ecosystem to ensure that we can provide businesses in South Africa and eventually across the continent with IoT solutions show business value and meet their needs,” he says. “We ensure that we bring the right players together to package a solution that is run on a network with not only broad reach, but which is underpinned by SLAs that ensure our clients have peace of mind that the solutions they run will support their ongoing business growth.”

The new SqwidNet brand was developed taking the unique characteristics of the sqwid (squid) into consideration. “We identified three elements of the sqwid (squid) that are aligned with the fresh narrative we would like to take to market,” says Chetan Goshalia, chief sales and marketing officer at SqwidNet. “This organism moves through water tail first, so the tail enables the sqwid (squid) to move forward. The body represents the connection between the head and tail, just as the Sigfox network connects the physical and digital world and the eye of the sqwid (squid) represents the vision we have for the African continent.”

The sqwid (squid) also plays an enormous role in the natural ecosystem as it serves as a source of food, which also depicts the role of a reliable, far-reaching network in the world of IoT. “As the aggregator of IoT in Africa, we enable organisations to move forward on their IoT journey. Through Sigfox, our vast network coverage allows us to the connect everything our clients need connected and our vision for the African continent is to allow companies, through strategic IoT deployments to embrace digital transformation, remain agile and relevant in their specific industries, and ultimately grow through solutions that drive business value,” says Goshalia.

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