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Global cloud communications platform Infobip has joined forces with Podravka Group, one of the leading Croatian multinational companies, and digital agency 01 Content & Technology – C3 Croatia, to launch “SuperfoodChef-AI by Coolinarika”. The cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) assistant is a testament to the power of responsible AI, designed to empower users to make healthier food choices and address rising obesity rates in Croatia.

The “SuperfoodChef-AI” is an engaging digital assistant integrated into Coolinarika, the mobile and web application owned by Podravka, which has over 700,000 monthly users and is the largest culinary platform in Croatia. With 65% of Croatian adults and 33% of children aged 8-9 classified as overweight, the AI assistant serves as a crucial tool to educate and nudge users towards healthier eating habits. Through the SuperfoodChef-AI chatbot, users of Coolinarika can converse with an AI assistant to access relevant recipes from a database of 500 nutritionally balanced recipes approved by nutritionists and based on the user’s request. This AI assistant is a chef, a nutritionist and a friend at the same time – who can both provide recipes and educate and inform users on 80 different superfoods and how to use them in their diet.

The collaboration between Infobip, Podravka and 01 Content & Technology – C3 Croatia drew together international teams of digital strategists, AI specialists and engineers, designers and programmers, content and UX experts and brand communication strategists. Podravka’s decision to partner with Infobip was based on Infobip’s proven expertise in creating intelligent chatbots, mastery of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

The result is a sophisticated and user-friendly experience across various communication channels. The Gen-AI solution – the first of this kind in the region’s food industry – was custom built with Infobip’s chatbot building platform Answers, using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to provide rigour in responsible Gen-AI.

Initial user results point to a significant increase in engagement, especially among younger demographics. Within the first 90 days of its soft launch, the “SuperfoodChef-AI” exchanged 343,792 messages with 101,429 users, leading to an 18% conversion rate to engaged users and a 31% increase in overall time spent on the site. The chatbot’s popularity with Gen Z and Millennials is particularly notable, indicating a promising trend in those generations seeking out digital solutions for healthier living.


Silvio Kutić, CEO at Infobip commented: “Gen-AI is transforming how organisations interact with their users across the board, from retail and financial services, through to healthcare and other social services. This collaboration with Podravka and 01 Content & Technology – C3 Croatia highlights the benefits of AI for good. At Infobip, we strive to play a key role in shaping future communications, and we are delighted to support this innovative project.”

Martina Dalić, President of the Management Board at Podravka, added: “With the implementation of AI on one of its most recognisable platforms, Podravka confirms its focus on innovation and the use of new, modern technologies, not only in production processes, but also in communication with consumers. At the time it was created, Coolinarika was an innovative and unique step forward in the world of the food industry and, today, it is one of the most visited websites in Croatia, with almost 70,000 users every day. The development of its own AI assistant is another step forward in improving user experience on the Coolinarika platform, as well as Podravka’s relationship with its consumers in general.”

Ana Plišić, Partner and Creative Director at 01 Content & Technology – C3 Croatia, commented: “Croatians are among the most overweight nations in the EU. In order to help Coolinarika address this issue our mission was simple: to create a cutting-edge AI-powered solution that understands users’ needs, promotes healthier choices, maintains trust, enhances personalisation, and empowers well-being.”

In September 2023, Infobip was recognised for its ability to execute and completeness of vision in the first Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market.

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