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Oracle has announced the first class of startups joining the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem hub in Austin, Texas. Announced earlier this year, Austin is the program’s first U.S. hub location. The six startups in the hub’s inaugural class will work closely with Oracle’s research and development and enterprise sales teams to enable scalable growth and drive cloud-based innovation.

Oracle’s global startup program offers personalized experiences for startups, mentoring from technical and business experts, state-of-the-art technology, free Oracle Cloud credits, and access to Oracle’s more than 430,000 global customers, as well partners and investors. Unlike traditional accelerator programs, Oracle’s is driven by the R&D team and does not take equity.

“In the global marketplace, one size does not fit all, and that’s especially true for today’s startup ecosystem,” said Reggie Bradford, senior vice president, Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem. “That’s why we’ve taken a different approach – reimagining the startup-enterprise relationship and offering personalized experiences for the startups to achieve true collaboration, co-development and co-innovation.”

Selected from a competitive and diverse pool of applicants, the six startups joining the Austin-based hub include:

  • data.world is a platform for modern data teamwork. Its smart data catalog can wake up the hidden data workforce within every enterprise, unify silos, and create data-driven cultures faster.
  • Eventador is a fully managed, enterprise-grade stream processing as a service platform that addresses a critical business problem: to alleviate the complexities and enable the building of applications that use real-time data at their core. Eventador enables developers to quickly create and painlessly manage real-time data pipelines to gain time-to-market, actionable insights and technology advantages.
  • Pilosa enables real-time retrieval of massive, fragmented datasets. Pilosa introduces the concept of splitting the index from the database by making the index a first-class citizen in the modern technology stack. Pilosa’s software can store a knowledge representation of underlying data in memory, making it orders of magnitude smaller and unimaginably fast.
  • ROIKOI built one of the first talent recommendation graphs. Companies use ROIKOI software and services to hire a more diverse set of candidates more efficiently than they could through sourcing platforms or job boards, and can find referral-quality candidates at a scale greater than traditional referral platforms.
  • Senseye is building a direct link between humans and computers. Senseye’s technology can read the brain wirelessly, providing a vast array of use cases and solutions for many key industries. They are working to enable you to use the human brain tomorrow the way a mouse and keyboard are used today.
  • Transmute is a decentralized app engine for enterprise development teams that can configure decentralized applications to work seamlessly with public and private clouds. The inevitable rise of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the resulting shift to decentralized applications will be as disruptive to enterprise IT as the transition to cloud computing. Transmute’s mission is to help customers use decentralization when and where it delivers real value, using code they’ve already written.

“The six startups entering our inaugural Austin program are ready to scale innovative enterprise technologies, and we are looking forward to being a catalyst for their next phase of growth,” said JD Weinstein, head of the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem in Austin. “We will work closely with each startup to create a personalized journey that enables them to tap into Oracle’s rich enterprise ecosystem, cloud solutions, global customers, and market expertise.”

The startups will work out of Oracle’s hub at Capital Factory and also benefit from Capital Factory’s network of local entrepreneurs, prominent CEOs, venture capitalists, corporate partners, and government officials.

The Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem enables startups to tailor their program experience based on their unique journey. The global program offers an immersive co-working environment, a virtual-style experience, and an approach that is a hybrid of the two. The Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem has co-working spaces in Austin, Bangalore, Bristol, Delhi, Mumbai, Paris, Sao Paolo, Singapore and Tel Aviv, and works with startups virtually in many other locations around the world.

Startup Founder Quotes

  • “We are honored to be selected into this exclusive startup program. Oracle can help us continue to innovate, scale, and improve our ability to help enterprises create data-driven cultures faster.” – Brett Hurt, CEO and Co-Founder, data.world
  • “Oracle can help accelerate our ability to scale with its vast global resources and technical and business expertise. It’s an incredibly exciting time for our company, as every day we see new real-time use cases and customers building increasingly complex line of business streaming applications.” – Kenny Gorman, Co-founder and CEO, Eventador
  • “We are incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to access Oracle’s vast global resources, technologies, and customer ecosystem. At this stage in our growth, this program is exactly what we need to help enterprises serve analytical type queries in real-time at scale.” – HO Maycotte, CEO, Pilosa
  • “Oracle understands what we’re working to accomplish and can provide us the resources and expertise across its cloud solutions, sales support, recruiting, and global customer ecosystem. It’s an honor to be selected to this global program, and we look forward to a long-standing relationship with Oracle.” – Andy Wolfe, CEO, ROIKOI
  • “Oracle can help accelerate our capabilities to scale with its leading cloud technologies and customer ecosystem. It’s an incredibly exciting time for our growth, as we continue to push the boundaries of neuroscience and technology.” – David Zakariaie, CEO, Senseye
  • “Being part of this global startup program will be invaluable for us. Not only will it allow us to work directly with Oracle Cloud and Oracle engineers to optimize our enterprise platform offering, but we will also benefit from Oracle’s vast global resources, customer ecosystem, and business expertise.” – Karyl Fowler, CEO, Transmute
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