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By Paige dos Santos, Digital Transformation Lead at SAP Africa

Millennials are often depicted in popular culture as having a complete disregard for traditional work ethic, foregoing deadlines and overtime for a more rounded personal and professional life. But is it really Millennials who exhibit the risky business behaviour, or is it the generations that were born before them?

Slowly but surely, we’ve moved into a world of always-on work. You are expected to have your mobile phone on you, to respond to work emails and phone calls after hours. And then, you try to get hold of the millennial on your team only to find that… SHOCK! HORROR! His phone is off.

This individual is likely having a relaxing evening off. Exercising, enjoying the company of friends and family (at least those who aren’t glued to their phones themselves, shocked with adrenalin every time a new email flashes)

He is likely to sleep well tonight, having got enough rest and relaxation to properly recharge his batteries. After all, millennials spend twice as much time on self-care as the generations that have come before him. He comes into work the following day with an annoying spring in his step. You wish you could stay cross with him but he’s brimming with creativity and great new ideas.

At the same time, employee wellness is becoming a strategic priority. Work-related stress continues to cost U.S. companies $30 billion a year in lost productivity. Seventy-eight percent of organizations view employee well-being, which encompasses various elements of an employee’s experience at work and at home, as an essential component of their business strategy.

SAP Success Factors has just launched the Well Being at Work initiative, using technology to support employee well-being, allowing them to reach their peak performance and drive business results. According to Deloitte, the corporate wellness market is estimated to reach $11.3 billion by 2021 in the USA alone. All to save workers from the perils of modern working life, and help them to live balanced healthy lives, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Now tell me, who is the deviant? The Millennial looking after his well being and maintaining his mental edge by switching off after-hours? Or the overworked Baby Boomer who needs four cups of coffee to string a sentence together and will soon take three months off to recover from burn-out?

Paige dos Santos was a guest speaker at the HR Innovation and Tech Fest held in Johannesburg 23-24 July. The event brought together leading local and global names in modern human capital management, and celebrates the talent, technology and ideas that are transforming the future of work. For more information, please visit http://techfestconf.com/hr/sa


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