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Whether you enjoy DIY as a hobby or simply need to get jobs done around the house, there are plenty of Android apps to assist you. For Father’s Day, Alcatel has chosen some of the best apps for the handyman who likes to work accurately and efficiently.


SmartTools is an all-in-one app including Smart Ruler Pro which measures length, angle, slope and level; Smart Measure Pro, for measuring distance, height, width and area; Smart Compass Pro, including compass, metal detector and GPS; Sound Meter Pro, to measure sound and vibrations; and the flashlight app, Smart Light Pro.

Get it here: SmartTool


Learn how to do anything with WikiHow, the world’s leading how-to guide, featuring step-by-step instructions on every imaginable topic. WikiHow includes detailed video tutorials to make learning a new trade as easy as 1-2-3.

Get it here: WikiHow

Bubble Level

Use Bubble Level to check whether a surface is perfectly straight. The app is handy, accurate and simple to use. Bubble Level app mimics real-world level meter and displays the data as real level meter would—as a bubble travels away from the centre when a surface is not straight. Simply place it against the surface you are measuring and watch the bubble if see if it’s perfectly flush. Useful when hanging paintings, setting up a tripod for photographs, and much more besides.

Get it here: Bubble Level

Metric Unit Converter

Use Metrics Conversion to do fast conversions right from your Android device: Fahrenheit to Celsius, miles to kilometres, gallons to litres, and more.

Get it here: Metric Unit Converter

Magnifier and Flashlight

This app uses your phone’s camera to magnify text or anything else. It’s great when repairing small items or objects or reading tiny text.

Get it here: Magnifier and Flashlight

Handyman Calculator

This is a useful app for construction work and DIY projects where is accuracy is of paramount importance.   Tested by more than a million contractors and home owners, this app enables you to calculate materials, track time spent, manage to-do lists and save calculations onto a notepad.

Get it here: Handyman Calculator

Plumbing Repair DIY At Home

Plumbing Repair DIY At Home offers straightforward, no-nonsense repair advice and training. You will rapidly learn everything you need to know about repairing your plumbing.  From tips on tools and materials to clearing a clogged sink and even replacing different types of faucets.

Get it here: Plumbing Repair DIY At Home

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