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Whether it’s painting your walls, calculating construction material, or recycling old items in a clever way, your smartphone has all the essential tools. Alcatel has put together some great DIY Android apps for you to try this weekend.

wikiHow: How to do anything

Become the DIY master of anything at the touch of a button, with the wikiHow app. This app provides step-by-step instructions on all things, from first aid, cooking, fitness, to relationships, and tech.

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DIY Garden Ideas

Need ideas to recreate your garden? DIY Garden Ideas provides valuable ideas and DIY garden projects from vegetable gardens to storage plans, and everything inbetween. You can also use these ideas to create beautiful and colourful garden projects.

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Dulux Visualizer ZA or Plascon Visualiser

Planning on painting your home? These apps use unique augmented reality tech to help you identify a colour from a photo and then virtually test it out on the walls of your own home.

Get them here and here.


Pinterest offers you everyday ideas you will love and enables you to save them for later. From recipes to décor, to inspirational style, Pinterest has got you covered. Collaborate with friends and save ideas together for your next group project.

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Handyman Calculator

Need a construction calculator with simple inputs? The Handyman Calculator app helps you calculate materials, track time spent, manage to-do list, and save calculations to notepad.

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