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Excitement was at an all time high as the first locally manufactured Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC rolled off the production line in East London.  Since its official launch earlier in the year, the AMG brand promise – Driving Performance – and the typical character traits can now be experienced by an even broader target group. As an attractive entry into the world of AMG, the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC combines a 270 kW 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine with a permanent Performance all-wheel-drive system and sophisticated suspension technology adopted from the Mercedes-AMG C 63. The result is fascinating Driving Performance and the hallmark emotional expressiveness of the brand.

The new AMG sports model is available as a sedan and a coupe variant, and makes the extensive product line-up within the C-Class range even more attractive.  The complete C-Class sedan range is manufactured in East London, including the flagship Mercedes-AMG C 63 and the C 63 S variants.

The new AMG sports model is distinguished by convincing product substance. Even at first glance, the characteristic AMG body styling leaves no doubt that this model is part of the Mercedes-AMG model family. Another indication of the new model strategy is the special AMG badge on the front wings. From an engineering standpoint the AMG sports models perfectly deliver on the visual promise of a sporty character with a powerful engine, the standard-fit all-wheel drive system with rear-biased torque split, and sophisticated suspension solutions.

“With the Mercedes-AMG C 43 we present a sporty and emotionally expressive vehicle to our product line. It combines the power of a strong twin-turbo V6 engine with a high level of emotional expressiveness, and avails itself of the technical DNA of the new C 63. The new sports models represent a convincing proposition for our customers: sports car technology and motor racing fascination become more attainable and in the process appeal to a broader customer base”, says Selvin Govender, Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Authentic driving dynamics thanks to hallmark AMG DNA

The new Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC is based on the most powerful production model of the C-Class, the C 400 4MATIC. The engineers have revised many technical features of the new AMG sports model. Their objective: a high level of authentic driving dynamics geared towards the Mercedes-AMG C 63. To this end, a host of suspension components were adopted from the top-of-the-line V8 model. The driver also feels the DNA of the C 63 in the application of the engine and transmission management. Agility and sportiness dominate the intense driving experience in the C 43 4MATIC on every kilometre.

Key data at a glance:

Displacement 2996 cc
Bore x stroke 88.0 x 82.1 mm
Output 270 kW
at 5500 – 6000 r/min
Peak torque 520 Nm at 2000 – 4200 r/min
Power-to-displacement ratio 90.1 kW
Fuel consumption
NEDC combined
7.6 l/100 km
CO2 emissions 182  g/km
Emissions standard EU6
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4.9 sec
Top speed 250 km/h*

*electronically limited

The new 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine is part of the BlueDIRECT engine family from Mercedes-Benz. Technical advances including a modified boost pressure allowed the AMG engineers to increase the engine’s power output and torque. With 270 kW and 520 Nm the V6 engine sets new standards in its segment – which is evident in the convincing performance: a sprint time from zero to 100 km/h of 4.9 seconds underscores the sporty temperament of the C 43 4MATIC. With a combined fuel consumption of 7.6 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 192 grams per km) the new top-of-the-line V6 model defines an absolute top position in the competitive environment.

Supreme or dynamic: the choice is yours

Thanks to a hefty torque curve the new AMG sports model is agile, direct and dynamic. With the help of various AMG-specific drive programmes the driver is able to tailor the character of the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC to his or her personal preferences: the modes “Eco”, “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport Plus” as well as “Individual” are available to choose from for this purpose. The drive programmes adjust the suspension, steering and powertrain as desired, and are selected conveniently with the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT switch to the left of the touchpad.

Especially the “Sport Plus” programme delivers impressive hallmark AMG dynamics and enhances the emotional appeal: partial cylinder suppression during gear changes by means of a momentary and precisely defined retardation of ignition and injection under full throttle speeds up the gear changes, and can also be acoustically experienced by the driver. The emotional double-declutching functions during downshifts and the “exhaust rumbling” in overrun mode provide the fitting accompaniment. The throaty engine sound – a hallmark AMG experience – also plays a crucial role in the most powerful V6 model: to this end, the engineers have developed a new sports exhaust system with lower back-pressure and reduced weight.

The driving sensation is also characterised by the set-up of the accelerator pedal: the more the driver changes the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT settings from “Eco” towards “Sport Plus”, the more spontaneous and dynamic is the throttle response of the twin-turbo V6 engine. The driver also experiences authentic and emotional dynamics during engine start if desired: when the twin-turbo V6 engine is started in the “Sport Plus” drive programme, the engine speed quickly jumps to 2000 rpm for a moment before immediately settling back down to idle speed. Whether the driver wants to experience the engine start accompanied by a sporty or a more subdued sound depends on the most recently activated drive programme – it remains stored for four hours.

The “Eco” programme integrates an ECO start/stop function and a sailing function to reduce fuel consumption: when the driver releases the accelerator in a speed range between 60 and 160 km/h, the clutch of the transmission is disengaged and the engine is decoupled from the powertrain. The electronics reduce the engine speed to idle level, and the driving resistance is reduced by the compression and frictional forces of the engine in overrun mode.

Optimal traction thanks to Performance all-wheel drive

The all-wheel-drive system familiar from a number of AMG high-performance cars is also being used in the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC. The perfect grip during acceleration effectively prevents losses caused by slip. For thrilling driving dynamics 33 percent of the engine power is sent to the front axle and 67 percent to the rear axle. The rear-biased torque split results in higher agility around the vehicle’s vertical axis. Another major factor in this is the sportier set-up of the ESP with Curve Dynamic Assist. The tangible effects for sporty drivers are lateral dynamics and cornering performance increased to an above-average level.

Intelligent Drive: safety of the very highest calibre

The declared goal of Mercedes-Benz is making top-class safety available to everyone. The C 43 4MATIC lives up to this standard as well because it adopts many of the new and significantly enhanced assistance systems that are also being used in the S-Class. It comes standard-equipped with the further enhanced ATTENTION ASSIST fatigue detection system and COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS, which helps prevent rear-end collisions. The assistance systems increase both comfort and safety. The predecessor to the new C-Class already impressed with excellent results regarding passive safety. The current model surpasses it and sets new standards.

Value proposition:

Mercedes-AMG 43 sedan                   R858,400

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