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With dozens of possible exterior and interior colour combinations, personalisation is at the core of the colourful new Volvo XC40, Volvo Cars’ first-ever entry in the compact premium SUV segment.

The highly anticipated XC40, set to be revealed later in 2017, will complete Volvo’s three-tier SUV line-up with a distinctive car for a distinctive driver.

The new XC40 takes Volvo Cars into new territory and allows its designers the freedom to create a car that brings a vibrancy, individuality and playfulness that the compact premium SUV segment currently lacks.

“We wanted the XC40 to be a fresh, creative and distinctive member of the Volvo line-up, allowing its drivers to put their personality in their driveway. XC40 drivers are interested in fashion, design and popular culture, and often live in large, vibrant cities. They want a car that reflects their personality. The XC40 is that car,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Design Officer at Volvo Cars.

The new XC40 offers a broader and more playful colour palette, making it the most expressive model in Volvo’s portfolio and reflecting the outgoing personalities of its drivers.

“Our customer research clearly showed that for the XC40 and for this segment, we needed a wider selection of colours and materials than we usually offer. As Volvo Cars has never designed a car like the XC40 before, we could start from scratch and give it energy and playfulness,” adds Robin Page, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars.

Street fashion, city architecture, high-end designer goods and popular culture were all sources of inspiration as Volvo’s design team defined materials, patterns and colour options for the new XC40.

“We took inspiration for the XC40 colours and materials from many different sources, mixing them and putting them back together into something cohesive. What we created is a car with a tough attitude that feels fresh, energetic and confident,” says Ebba Maria Thunberg, Vice President Colour & Materials at Volvo Cars.

On the outside, a broad selection of colour combinations range from a solid, monochromatic theme, to dual compositions in vivid colours that lend themselves to self-expression – while the interior options deliver a truly youthful and premium feel.

XC40 teaser – Colour & Materials

New interior colour choices in the XC40 include warm Lava Orange carpets, Oxide Red upholstery and a range of new and distinctive trims and materials with designs inspired by urban architecture and cartography. Natural, felt-based carpets, headliners and door inserts deliver a modern touch.

“Our Momentum trim level is the most fashion-oriented of the line-up, with vivid exterior colour combinations, while the R-Design and Inscription trim levels reflect a more dynamic and premium feel,” adds Thunberg.

The new Volvo XC40 is set for its global reveal later in 2017 and will be available in South Africa in 2018.

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