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South Africa is home to a number of entrepreneurs who are looking for their big break. A large number of these entrepreneurs have innovative computer and IT solutions that could potentially change our relationship to technology, and help us overcome various challenges in our communities. One such entrepreneur, Sechaba Mokheti of Relive IT, is changing the way we view our technology and is assisting one computer at a time.

Sechaba Mokheti’s love for computers and IT came about when he was introduced to IT through a scout that approached him while he was working as a Salesman at a large retail store. “He approached me when I was selling a product. At that point, I decided that I wanted to learn more about IT, and I enrolled at Southwest Gauteng College where, in my first year, I became the president of the College,” says Mokheti, a Raizcorp entrepreneur. During his studies, Mokheti noticed how many students were not computer literate and how they struggled with IT, which prompted the decision to open up his own business. In 2013, he took the leap and registered his company. However, the success of founding a business was quickly met with a handful of challenges. “In an effort to find clients, I decided to leave my job as a salesman and start working for a private taxi company where I knew that I would be able to make connections with businesspeople who would hand me their business cards,” he shares.

In pursuit of his dream, Mokheti made the decision to dedicate himself to his business on a full-time basis and quit his job and, during this time, was introduced to the business support programmes from Raizcorp. “I heard about Raizcorp on the radio. I really heard what the presenter had said and I pulled over because I wanted to write down the details. Later, a close friend told me more about Raizcorp. I also kept seeing Raizcorp on social media. All of the things that I heard and saw were entrenched in me and I really believed that it was where I needed to be,” recalls Mokheti.

Today, Mokheti successfully runs his business, Relive IT, which has grown in staff, profit and clients. Thanks to Raizcorp’s rigorous Guiding and learning model, Mokheti has also noticed impressive personal growth. “Entrepreneurship and Raizcorp have humbled me and I have learnt that perseverance is the key to my success. My journey has also taught me a lot of patience and I have learnt to look at the world differently,” he says. As Mokheti’s business continues to grow, so do the number of people who view technology in a better light. “We believe that we can do more and, as we grow, we always want people to ‘relive’ IT”.

As part of our drive to develop South Africa’s ICT sector, Raizcorp would like to encourage small ICT businesses to apply to join one of our sponsored business growth programmes. As part of its business growth programme, entrepreneurs will have access to finance institutions, markets, entrepreneurial learning, and business guidance to name a few. These are all vital to make a business a success.

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