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Travelling can involve a huge number of moving parts and endless lists of items needed to make a smooth journey from one place to another.

Adding technology to the long inventory for a holiday or business trip abroad can create unforeseen headaches. Mohamed El Aougri, sales director for Targus South Africa offers the following eight tips to make travelling with technology as simple as possible:

Check security protocols

Some countries have extremely tight security procedures and some might even ask you to switch on your laptop to search its contents, especially during periods of heightened terror threat. Allow enough time for this when you’re planning to get to the airport, to make sure you don’t miss your flight.

Keep documentation

Some countries, depending on the conditions, might even ask for the receipt for the laptop, which might be a challenge for an older device for which the receipt ink has faded or lost entirely. At the very least, you should make sure to have serial numbers for devices such as laptops. Most devices have these readily available on the casing or printed on the battery, but it is still prudent to check ahead.

All documentation should be stored safely and neatly in the carrying case for easy access. For more convenience, take note of the serial number or just take a picture with your phone.

Go smaller

Laptops have hinged parts that need extra caution, but if you absolutely need to take one, take the lightest one you have. If possible, carry fewer and smaller devices, preferably a tablet for business and a smartphone for leisure. If you only have one laptop and it is bulky, make sure that you keep it in a well-padded carrying case.

Take extra batteries

Some devices have in-built batteries, so will need to be charged more regularly. However, if your device has a removable battery, you can keep one charging while the other is in use. Make sure that your carrying case has spare capacity for batteries and chargers.

Use a power bank

For devices with built-in batteries, a good power bank will ensure additional battery life when you’re in remote areas. Keep in mind that a high capacity power bank will be quite large and bulky. This is unavoidable if you’ll be spending extended periods in unelectrified zones and intend charging multiple devices for specific tasks. However, for brief excursions, a small capacity device for mobile phones should do just fine.

Carry a power adapter

You don’t want to be caught in a foreign country having to buy a new camera simply because they don’t have the right plug to plug in your charger. A universal power adapter is a useful tool, but make sure you know what electrical plug outlet the country uses as well as its power voltage information. A word of caution: ask the salesperson to help you test the device to make sure it works and converts the voltage properly – quality standards tend to vary.

Backup your info

With the recent spike in ransomware attacks, where cybercriminals gain access to computers and demand money for the safe return of the files, regularly backup is vital, even for home use. Using your computer on unfamiliar networks adds to this risk, and it’s worth taking extra precautions. To insure against any mishaps, make sure all your data is backed up in the cloud or on an external storage device that is kept in a safe place, or both. There are many cost-effective back-up services and devices available.

Appropriate Carrying Case

Your carrying case should have ample space for all the various accessories and cables you might need – and it should be ergonomically designed to protect your shoulders and back. The ideal scenario is fewer, smaller devices in a slim carrying case that doesn’t strain your arms, shoulders or back. For heavy tech users, the carrying case needs to be sturdy enough to protect the main device as well as the auxiliary equipment, and it’s worth considering a backpack or a roller bag for extra comfort during the long walks through airports.

Leading South African technology retailers stock a range of Targus bags that offer premium styling and superior protection for your devices, making sure that you are well prepared and comfortable for your travels, wherever you may be going.

Targus SA also recently announced its latest product range and introduced Targus Workspace Solutions.

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