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A new generation of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and power protection systems is now available for technology applications grappling with South Africa’s escalating power cuts in both residential and commercial environments.

As the nation occasionally experiences Stage 6 load shedding, affected areas can usually expect as many as 18 power supply interruptions over a four-day period, for four hours at a time. Should the situation escalate to Stage 8, power supply could be shaved by 12 hours per day.

Supporting both businesses and individuals, power management company Eaton has announced the Gen2 version of essential line interactive UPS 5E, providing power protection for the most essential technology applications in both residential and professional settings with the best price-performance ratio.

“Ageing power generation infrastructure and limited access to renewable energy in South Africa means more people need access to affordable tools, systems and equipment that help with business continuity and the protection of their infrastructure against more frequent and potentially harmful power cuts,” says Jessica Masina, Junior Product Manager at Eaton South Africa. “Not only must a UPS solution provide enough power to safely shut down certain sensitive equipment, it must also offer the ability to continue key operations in a variety of settings, thus keeping the economy going, even throughout the most extreme periods of supply shortage.”

The 5E Gen2 offers new features based on a variety of modern customer requirements. The compact and reliable solution now covers a wider range of ratings (550 – 2200VA) operating even more silently for a better customer experience, supporting full global compatibility and high-quality standards.

Thorough extensive feedback from customers, the 5E Gen2 range has increased (10 to 22 P/Ns) and supplied with local outlet models (FR/ DIN-IT/BS) in addition to current IEC models. Higher VA ratings, lower noise, silent audible alarm and enhanced aesthetic make this newest version more suitable for your needs.

5E Gen 2 is an affordable and reliable power protection solution for the most essential applications in both residential and professional settings ensuring reliable connectivity even at the most critical situations.

The wide product range covers the power requirements of many IT devices providing perfect protection for computers, workstations and peripherals; internet routers, network attached storage devices, TVs, games consoles plus other more power-hungry devices such as home security devices; point of sale machines, and ticketing machines with a two-year warranty that can be extended.

This UPS is also a sustainable solution due to reduced power consumption, regulating grid fluctuations and saving battery life for an actual outage.

“The 5E Gen2 ensures peace of mind with batteries that are permanently recharged (even when off) and a UPS that can start without mains (cold start),” says Masina. “You can also analyse and control your power usage with the Eaton UPS Companion software that allows users to analyse and control their power usage.” The software allows for safe system shutdown to UPS systems and provides users an easy way to access their UPS settings and monitor cost and usage. “This provides you with an added level of empowerment to proactively manage your energy use.”

Greater tolerance of grid fluctuations

All kinds of influences can upset grid voltage at any time. The 5E Gen2 features double-boost line interactive topology (AVR) for wider input voltage window (under and overvoltage: 140 – 300 V) to save battery power in the event of a power outage. A silent operation ensured by fanless design up to 1200VA allows users to progress with their work or leisure with no disruptions in residential settings.

“With a much broader potential user base, especially in the consumer market, installation and usage is easier and the device integrates automatically into most common operating systems, providing an effortless connection with any equipment,” adds Masina. “The compact housing makes the UPS easy to fit into home or office surroundings.”

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