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Hot on the heels of the SearchWorks search-type expansion news, Technology Company, e4, has announced that it will launch version 3 of this popular product on 1 October 2017.  The product, which was initially launched in 2008, has grown in users and an upgrade was inevitable.

Jako Janse van Rensburg, Development Manager, e4, says that the new version of SearchWorks includes over 144 search types: “We have listened to our customers and updated and included new search types, but more importantly we have improved the efficiency of the product.”

He says that due to the surge in mobility it was imperative to integrate SearchWorks into a single platform, addressing both cloud and mobility requirements.  The speed and data usage have also been addressed within the upgrade, ensuing that the technology utilised is at the forefront of technology changes.

Now with a completely new user interface, e4 has ensured that the new layout provides a completely new experience: “We are excited about the new layout, it has already increased readability and gives greater flexibility for smaller screens. There is a new font and the size is now 50% bigger to assist users when reading reports or the screen.”

The bridging finance application screen has been updated and is now more user friendly and able to provide correct feedback to attorneys and estate agents. Registration is cleaner and easier to use and submit: There is a scrollable and collapsible menu, allowing the user to have all their favourite search types open throughout the session. If your monitor resolution is too low, SearchWorks will adapt the left-hand menu so your screen real estate remains high,” says Janse van Rensburg.

e4 will continue working on the development of this product and Janse van Rensburg says there are some exciting developments in the pipeline: “Users can look forward to vertically-focused solutions, wizards and advanced automation. SearchWorks will also be available for Android and iOS.”

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