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Huawei has introduced the new Diamond Service offering as part of customer after care service. The Huawei Diamond Service will be available with all our premium devices. This offering includes two screen damage protection, free collection and delivery service with a dedicated VIP contact center support.

Huawei have chosen to discontinue the free board replacement service due to research which has been conducted on customer behavior.

“When we launch a product we investigate our service offerings which we have variety off and the offerings are dependent on different criteria’s,” said Zhao Likun, Country Manager for Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa.

“We opted to discontinue the board replacement service and add what we feel is a differentiating service which adds more value to the consumer,” he said.

The introduction of the Free collection and delivery as well as dedicated VIP Call center is an extreme unique service according to Huawei, because the company stressed that these days consumers should not have to take time out of there busy schedules to drive to a service center.

The collection delivery service allows the company to not only reach out to people in central areas, but provides Huawei with the ability to reach people across the country.

A dedicated VIP contact center allows customers to obtain dedicated service by a skillfully trained consultant. On a device which offers multiple enhanced features it requires a dedicated support team which has gone through vigorous training to answer all questions and at Huawei we believe that we can cater to this customer need.

The Chinese company also offers consumers the chance to personalise their device with an engraving of their choice.

In related news, Huawei recently made the Huawei P10 Lite available on the local market.

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