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DFA regrets to inform that their Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer on SqwidNet, Reshaad Sha has officially resigned from his position, he joined DFA in 2013 and has an exemplary service record with the company taking it from strength to strength over the years.

Thinus Mulder, CEO DFA says, “Reshaad contributed widely to the success of the DFA group during his tenure, being a key contributor to formulating our short-, mid-, and long-term strategies, formalising the DFA product set and directing the expansion into managed services, establishing stronger public-sector relationships and leading DFA’s entry into FTTH”.

Vino Govender is serving as the Acting Chief Strategy Officer for DFA  and Phathizwe Malinga will serve as the interim CEO for SqwidNet. “We wish Reshaad luck in his future endeavours and hope that he finds the same success that he enjoyed during his time with us”.

He is currently pursuing a two month Management Course at Harvard University and will start his new  position as the CEO of Liquid Telecom South Africa as soon as he is back in the country.

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