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Panasonic’s Home Network System provides a broad range of security measures for your home, and that’s just one aspect of what it offers.

Home security is a priority for the majority, in order to protect the memories, mementoes and priceless items in the home. At the same time, cost is always a concern, with many people unable to afford private home security services. It is for these reasons that there is a growing trend towards home security systems, which can be installed by the user and are much easier on the pocket.

Panasonic’s Home Network System, for example, allows you to create a powerful wireless network of cameras, sensors and controllers, both in and outside the home. These can be controlled with a smartphone, via a single app, and offer many additional benefits over standard security systems.

For example, the system doubles as a complete and comprehensive baby monitoring device, enabling parents to check in on the child using live video footage, streamed directly to their mobile device. It is able to detect motion, sound and temperature and can immediately notify you of any unusual conditions. In addition, the camera offers a built-in mic and speaker, enabling parents to talk to the baby or play up to five different lullabies to help it fall asleep.

In a similar fashion, external cameras will allow users to monitor their pets at any time and from anywhere – perfect for those occasions where you have to go away for a day or two. The same outdoor cameras are also perfect for assisting you in checking who it is that is knocking on your front door.

These cameras not only deliver real-time streaming but also offer a quad view, enabling the user to view up to four cameras simultaneously, as well as providing motion detection for specific areas of the garden where recording and notification are considered critical.

Moreover, because the solution is run by an app on your smartphone, you can control lighting and appliances remotely too, turning devices in a room on and off at anytime and anywhere. This means you can make it appear as though someone is in the house, even when you are away, to frighten off potential burglars.

The beauty of Panasonic’s Home Network System is that you can decide what solutions you want and add these to the network as and when they are required. It includes external and internal cameras, smart plugs for controlling your lights and door, window and motion sensors that will alert you if anyone suspicious enters your property.

Not only is this an extremely cost-effective solution, it is also simple and easy to install.

Panasonic’s Home Networking System can be set-up in just three easy steps, without any complicated installation. Simply plug in the hub, download the Home Networking System app – which is available on both iOS and Android – and ensure your mobile device is connected to your WiFi network. The system is seamlessly integrated with WiFi and has a range of over 300 metres.

If you are seeking the peace of mind to be found in an inexpensive, yet effective security system, you need to look no further than the Panasonic Home Networking System. With its ability to secure your property, enable you to see visitors at your front door and keep an eye on your baby in the other room, it’s a security guard, butler and babysitter, all rolled into one.

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