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By Allon Raiz, CEO of Raiz Corp

Entrepreneurship is not simply just about running your own business; it requires a certain lifestyle that will make your business stand out in a sea of competitors. Often, this lifestyle requires hours of consistent dedication and commitment to more than just turning a profit; this lifestyle requires hours of dedication and commitment to the processes and systems that make a business work.

More often than not, entrepreneurs will take it upon themselves to do the work, run the business and handle the finances. While hard work is necessary when building a business, it is equally important to always ensure that you are able to find the time to work on your business too. Understanding this concept, entrepreneur and Raizcorp alumnus, Zunaid Moosajee, regularly dedicates time to work on his business, and the processes and systems that keep it afloat. Here is his entrepreneurial story:

“I decided to start my own IT business when I was carrying out my in-service training, post my engineering studies. We gave support to a group of doctors, helping them with software and hardware. I reached a stage where I felt comfortable to leave my employment and start my own company. That was ten years ago and I certainly had my challenges upfront. A lack of premises and infrastructure were the main areas of challenge. I eventually rented space from my brother in a building which he owned and converted it into offices. It was a bad area though and our clients couldn’t come to us. We ended up travelling for all of our business dealings.

“Although I had been in business for a while, I found that I lacked the necessary support structure that I needed to grow and to move forward. I then stumbled across Raizcorp’s business growth programme in the newspaper and decided it looked like a good option to try in order to overcome some of my challenges.”

“Since joining the programme and evaluating all areas of my business, I have been able to identify the areas where improvement was needed. I now understand more about the accounting side of things and we are streamlining our processes. I finally have the chance to work on my business, rather than in my business.  I have been able to take a step back from doing everything myself and allow others to run with things while I get more management exposure and run my business more efficiently. Our turnover has increased and the staff complement has grown.”

As part of our drive to develop South Africa’s ICT sector, Raizcorp would like to encourage small ICT businesses to apply to join one of its sponsored business growth programmes. As part of this business growth programme, entrepreneurs will have access to finance institutions, markets, entrepreneurial learning, and business guidance to name a few. These are all vital to make your business a success.

To apply for this opportunity of a lifetime click here link to: https://fs30.formsite.com/Selection/form174/index.html

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