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Software as a Service company, e4, has launched BondTracker, a mobile business app, designed to facilitate efficiency in tracking and communicating progress when registering a property. Clive Bredenkamp, Head of Legal Studio at e4 says that BondTracker is another e4 innovation aimed at improving traceability when registering a bond. Without needing your PC, BondTracker will  reduce the need for constant manual feedback between a conveyancer to their client. In fact, any party involved in a transaction, for example Estate Agents and developers, can now keep abreast of property registrations by using BondTracker.

“BondTracker enables clients to track the registration progress on their mobile phones via an intuitive graphical interface with the benefit of push notifications on milestone events. It also provides a messaging platform to direct message (DM) the conveyancer directly in their vendor package,” explains Bredenkamp.

Available on both iOS and Android phones, BondTracker also enables clients to receive and review documents within the App, adding valuable functionality as well as simplicity for all parties. The App becomes a permanent store of the clients signed documents enabling them to share these document to their personal storage like DropBox or Google Drive.

Bredenkamp says that BondTracker is currently available for all bond transactions that are instructed through e4’s infrastructure and that more transaction types will follow. Conveyancers receive immediate notification of new bond instruction and can then send a secure code to invite anyone wanting to track the matter, to download BondTracker and have access to tracked progress.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) says that mobile app growth will total 210 billion annual installs between 2016 and 2020. Bredenkamp says that with the proliferation of powerful smartphones, customers are wanting to transact on the go, making it a necessity that traditional website applications are scaled for accessibility in mobile apps.

“As a SaaS specialist company, we pride ourselves on our forward-thinking innovation and are confident that BondTracker will greatly improve the bond registration process for all involved.

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