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PPS today announced the launch of PPS Horizon, a web based tool that gives guided financial planning and advice to investors, in a safe environment.

The design architecture of this web based tool is the first of its kind in the country.  It has been designed in particular for use by financial advisors who are the custodians of clients’ financial plans, providing financial advisors the unique opportunity of counting digital planning tools as part of their overall offering to their clients. The tool will further assist financial advisers in efficiently attracting and servicing digitally engaged clients as well as in better segmenting service capabilities for a diverse range of clients.

This in turn gives clients an opportunity to interact with their advisors and financial services provider through an omni-channel ecosystem with the option to choose their preferred method of engagement at any point in time.

The intelligent advisory tool analyses the user’s circumstances, appetite for risk and financial objectives and calculates the likely future outcomes of a financial plan.

But, the tool goes beyond forecasting. The Play Zone feature allows users to consider a combination of products to reach a specific financial outcome. Brokers and members are now able to evaluate different scenarios and make better investment decisions with the platform’s quick, efficient and real time offering, guaranteeing an exact path to the users’ wealth creation goals.

PPS Horizon is powered by adaptive algorithms, consumer economics, quadratic equations and an extensive knowledge of behaviour economics to provide the user with a variety of financial planning options.

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“Building a digital channel is not a nice to have, it’s a business imperative,” says Izak Smit, CEO, PPS.

He adds that according to ASISA stats, “an estimated 30% of the R180 billion in financial service products inflows per year is from clients that directly engage with unit trust companies.”

Millennials have been born into technology, and PPS is adapting to this dynamic in the marketplace.

“With an increase in bandwidth and internet speed, there is no better time than now for companies to create digital advice platforms and tools,” says Smit.

PPS Horizon is part of the business’ omni-channel strategy that creates a seamless user experience from the call centre to the sophisticated and easy to use digital platform.

Smit concludes that this is just the beginning, “Our business is based on mutuality and using technology to evolve our offerings is one of the strategies we have implemented. This is to ensure that our members can not only claim as per their policies, but also benefit from the profit share of the business. PPS Horizon is the first in many innovations that brokers, and current and prospective members will benefit from.”

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