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As lockdown restrictions to maintain social distancing continue to shelter many citizens all over the world, boredom and agitation continue to become side effects of our cabin fever. Many content creators, curators, musicians, artists and influencers have invested in new ways to adapt to this new reality by leveraging technology to capture high-quality shareable content for their fans on social media channels and platforms via podcasting and vlogging. All in a means to entertain and even to maintain contact with their audiences over this period.

The app that places a studio in your palm

This, in turn, has resulted in Creatives investing in quality production studios and platforms in order to execute excellent content for their viewers. Dolby On is a free iOS and Android application designed to make recording and live streaming sound and video with unparalleled audio quality incredibly simple, using nothing but your device. Dolby On empowers creators to make their statement with amazing sound quality, anytime and anywhere. It delivers powerful audio processing to your phone and tablet with one-tap recording, making it easy to capture amazing sound quality. Creators can now record and livestream, both audio and video, with exceptional Dolby sound. Therefore providing Creatives of different natures a great tool to connect with fans. The Key features that make the application great to use are:

·         Hear the Details: Lose the background noise with Dolby’s original music innovation: noise reduction. No more electrical hum, amp buzz, or fan noise.

·         Stand Out: Compression and pro-limiting optimize your volume — making you stand out on platforms like Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and more.

·         Add Shape and Depth: Dolby On’s proprietary dynamic EQ automatically adapts to your music, and stereo widening expands your sound beyond mono – allowing you to hear every instrument.

·         Make It Your Own: Use our custom-designed Styles- like photo filters for audio- to color your sound, or go deeper with bass, treble, boost, and track trim controls.

·         Sound Great, Simply: Powerful and advanced audio processing with the touch of the record button.

Tips and Tricks to get you started

Whether your podcast content is on religion and spirituality, health and wellness, finances or the music industry, these simple tips and tricks will allow for anyone to master Dolby On’s app for quality content execution:

Soundcheck: When recording, Soundcheck happens during countdown to remove unwanted background noise. When livestreaming, you can check your levels and keep an eye on the noise meter e.g. if you’re in the red, reduce your volume or move the phone further away to avoid clipping.

Editing: Tap ‘Sound tools’ on your track to customise it to one of six preset audio styles (Lyric, Amped, Deep etc.). You can edit your track by editing its noise reduction, treble, bass, mid and so much more.

Go Live: Connect your streaming account(s), or choose “paste your own URL” and enter RTMP info. The RTMP feature let’s you stream to any destination or platform that uses RTMP including YouTube and Vimeo; or use it to integrate with broadcast platforms like OBS or Streamlabs.

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